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Re: HELP - Oracle Schema Import problem

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 13:18:41 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Johne_uk wrote:

> On 30 Jul, 19:51, joel garry <> wrote:

>> On Jul 30, 7:37 am, Johne_uk <> wrote:
>>> On 28 Jul, 00:03, joel garry <> wrote:
>>>> On Jul 26, 6:02 pm, Johne_uk <> wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I have 2 identical Solaris servers (freshly installed v490 - dual CPU
>>>>> 8GB RAM). The OS (Solaris 10) were both installed to an agreed spec by
>>>>> 2 diff consultants (all disk mirrored and striped).
>>>> What is the spec? I just had an odd thought that maybe one is 1+0 and
>>>> the other is 0+1... :-)
>>>> jg
>>>> --
>>>> is bogus.
>>> Hi - I've had this checked out and it dident prove to be an issue.
>>> Its worth pointing out that the Oracle binaries for the 'slow'
>>> instance were created from a tar file from the 'fast'
>>> instance (binaries only - the DB instance was created from scripts)
>>> The OS on
>>> both servers was identical and a similar procedure had already been
>>> followed
>>> with another instance without any issues.
>>> The fast instance was created in the UK. The slow instance is based in
>>> the US. Both servers have identical setup. A
>>> second server installed in the US was also slow so it has been
>>> suggested that
>>> there may be an OS linking issue caused by copying over the Oracle
>>> binaries
>>> from the UK to the US.
>>> John
>> I've been saying this is a bad idea for at least 10 years. Why? The
>> exact problem you are having. It is far more difficult to control
>> configuration when manual operations are involved than dumbass
>> sysadmins will admit. Dan is mostly right, you need to find the
>> difference. I'd go a bit further and say give it up and relink, or
>> reinstall Oracle.
>> jg
>> --
>> is bogus. Hide quoted text -
>> - Show quoted text -
> Yes guys I know, I keep saying both servers are identical and I agree
> that they aren't. Somebody has been working on the issue - the oracle
> binaries were relinked this morning which did actually make a
> significant difference but still not quite there. I'm goin to push for
> a fresh installation of the Oracle binaries from scratch and take
> things from there (I guess this should have been done from the start).
> In the meatime, I have somebody running low level tests on the disks /
> io etc.
> Thanks for all the help.
> John

You are likely wasting your time because you are just trying stuff without knowing the root cause.

Give serious consideration to gathering the kind of metrics the OEM Grid collects that allow comparisons of hardware, operating system, etc. Have you compared StatsPacks? iostat? sysstat? vmstat? etc.

Daniel A. Morgan
University of Washington (replace x with u to respond)
Puget Sound Oracle Users Group
Received on Mon Jul 30 2007 - 15:18:41 CDT

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