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Re: Recovery Question

From: Paul <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007 08:31:23 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Daniel wrote
Paul wrote
> Anyway, as I said it was rather simple to solve in the end. In fact it
> took a lot less time than reading these posts.
> hjr - thanks for fully explaining the file size thing - I did think it
> rather strange that somebody thought this but didn't have time to
> start digging!

>Howard is one of the best in the business but your comment at the end is
>totally out of line. We are not paid and it is not our responsibility to
>dig or research or do anything on your behalf. For you to criticize
>someone for trying to help based on their best understanding is

Daniel - you misunderstood what I meant here - I meant that I (me personally) didn't have time to start digging i.e. researching further based on the comments made by Howard. This all started because I did not like the tone that was taken with me at the very beginning. Believe me, I fully appreciate the time that people spend helping me, as many times I find this help invaluable. I fully acknowledge that nobody has to do anything to help me in the slightest. This is why I generally use this ng as a last resort after I have looked at the documentation and at metalink. I meant no offence to anybody and you certainly took what I meant out of context. In fact if I had meant that Howard should be doing the digging then to be honest I would have expected a far harsher response! If you look at my original post I was merely asking for pointers to sites/books to aid me, this is generally how I work as otherwise you never learn anything!

How about getting back on to what the topic has now become - the file size discussion?
You took what I wrote completely differently to how it was meant - next time I will try to be clearer!

Paul Received on Tue Jul 24 2007 - 10:31:23 CDT

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