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Re: Recovery Question

From: Paul <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 06:17:05 -0700
Message-ID: <>

God I love helpful people - do you want me to spend an hour explaining why we can't back up the data or do you just assume that in every single situation you are right and the poster is an idiot? I stated the data is not backed up for a reason, I even said don't bother mentioning it.
We do not 'maintain the data' for anybody. We supply software to customers. They maintain their own databases. Every now and again they have a problem, either with the data, or with performance. As some of our customers have very large databases, these are the best databases for us to use for either problem investigation, or for performance tuning. So we use them. They are not backed up as quite frankly we do not give a stuff what happens to this data - we do not need to recover it. Their databases contain confidential data, and part of the agreement is that we have to either anonymise their database prior to them shipping it, or we cannot back it up. Is that clear? Now that I have wasted the time explaining that, back to the original point.
The original database was running, with all data files stored in d:\oracle\oradata\<Instance>. The instance was not running when it died. It is the 32-bit version of WIndows and Oracle. The machine has been rebuilt,but I now need all of the data to be in f: \oracle\oradata\<instance>
I cannot just recreate the instance, then overwrite all of the files, because as far as the control files are concerned the data files all live in drive d: When I tried copying the original control files across it gave the error "could not identifiy control file".

I do actually have an export of the data prior to the point at which the machine died - all that actually happened by the way is that the disk with the Oracle Home on it died completely. I could quite easily recreate the instance and import the data, but I hoped that I could find somebody helpful to allow me to expand my experience.
I do not see that this would be a different process whether using 32- bit or 64-bit,and I do not really see what ports have to do with anything either. I realise that people here have vastly greater experience than myself, which is why I was hoping for a bit of help, maybe others would rather just put people trying to learn down rather than coming up with any helpful suggestions. Received on Mon Jul 23 2007 - 08:17:05 CDT

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