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Re: oracle server for learning purposes?

From: HansF <>
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007 19:15:14 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Jul 22, 6:12 pm, DA Morgan <> wrote:
> wrote:
> > On Jul 23, 6:19 am, Niall Litchfield <>
> > wrote:
> >> On Jul 22, 5:43 pm, "Ana C. Dent" <> wrote:
> >>> wrote in news:1185119330.674797.302820
> >>>
> >>>> Hello all,
> >>>> I am a new student of Oracle DB. I want to know, if there are some
> >>>> running oracle servers which we can use for study puropse, to
> >>>> understand oracle and SQL queries?
> >>>> if this is possible, please let me know
> >>>
> >>> You can download & install on any system you desire.
> >> Not strictly true, the only db product that you can legally download
> >> for this purpose is in fact the XE product (with the singls this, e process/
> >> 4gb ram etc restriction). The rest are licensed only for prototype
> >> development - see my blog at
> >> and indeed the license.
> >> I personally think this is unfortunate, but there you go.
> >> Niall
> > That's a profoundly incorrect reading of the license, as I explain at
> >
> > The license prohibits commercial exploitation of the free software; it
> > does not mandate its use only in the production of prototypes.
> > For home learning (self-study) purposes, nothing in the license
> > prohibits the use of the Enterprise/Standard Edition downloads
> > available from OTN.
> My understanding from Oracle sales matches Howard's.

Oracle software is [apparently] free - just sign up to OTN and down load.. Since it is owned by Oracle, one needs a license for the right to use the software. Oracle has several licenses, including several different ones they use on the download section of OTN.

_My interpretation_ of the Oracle Technology Network Developer License (used with the database EE) is: Oracle seems to have the intention to make the software available for evaluation of fit for a specific business purpose. If that evaluation results in a positive bottom line impact, either through revenue generation or cost savings, then Oracle wants it's "fatir" share of that impact. (Determining the fair share is an exercise left for the negotiators.) However, learning how to use the software correctly is a specific form of evaluation.

Based on several discussions with local Oracle Sales reps, my understanding of Oracle's intent also matches yours and Howard's for all practical purposes.

However, I note that the license has a complete section on the rights. That has 3 major parts:

  1. What you are permitted to do
  2. Who owns the Oracle softwarly
  3. Confirmation of what you are permitted to do by giving specific exclusions, presumably as examples.

Part 1 states "We grant you a nonexclusive, nontransferable limited license to use the programs only for the purpose of developing a single prototype of your application, and not for any other purpose." That "not for any other purpose" is pretty explicit.

Howard's blog isolates the exclusions and he specifically locks in to the idea that - paraphrased - seems to indicate "if there is a list of exclusions, and your activity isn't on the list, then it must be an inclusion". If my interpretation of his interpretation is correct ...'T'aint necessarily so!

At least here in Canada, in the strictest sense Niall is correct. However, again based on my discussions as well as precedence (Oracle has knowingly been letting the software be used for private education) - in a court of law, it would depend entirely on whether the judge was interested in "strict interpretation" or "intent interpretation" of contract.

I really do wish that Oracle would adjust that license to make it explicit that the product can [also] be used for purposes of education about Oracle's features and capabilities, provided that such education if specifically for the individual who has downloaded the software.

Then again, I am pretty sure there are one or two improperly licensed copies of the Oracle software that are actually in production. I just need to look at the OTN General Database forum for all those [anonymous] 'Urgent - please help' messages which reply "I don't have Metalink access" when I give Note numbers.

/Hans (legal owner of Oracle Database 10g Release 2 Personal Edition and support contract for training purposes!!! <g>)

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