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Re: starting oracle with solaris project

From: Jay G. Scott <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 16:36:35 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <f7lfij$3ku$>

In article <>, DA Morgan <> wrote:
> wrote:
>> In comp.unix.solaris DA Morgan <> wrote:
>>> Thanks ... helpful ... and now that I know it is part of Containers
>>> it takes me back to my original concern which was Oracle support and
>> They are related, but not bound together. You do not need to touch any
>> form of container (zones) in order to make use of project resource
>> controls. Running Oracle inside a zone is NOT the same as running it
>> inside a project!
>> There are Metalink documents describing how to set up Oracle 10g using
>> /etc/project for more dynamic shared memory limits. This avoids needing
>> to set /etc/system and the foolishness of reboots between changes.
>Simple question:
>Has anyone that is a production DBA ever seen anything official from
>Oracle metalink that they will fully support this Solaris capability.
>I looked and found nothing. If Oracle supports it UNTIL you open an
>SR then it is not truly supported.

yes, i've definitely opened SRs with .... well, probably not the db but with the app server running in solaris zones. the ___workflow___ stuff is a bucket of worms, but it was an identical bucket of worms under a conventional solaris 9 machine. we ultimately ditched it.

there's some certification matrix out there which tells you what part of oracle works with zones and so on. last i looked it was 10.1 of the db, not 10.2. that was a while ago. app server i don't recall offhand.

FWIW. j.

>Daniel A. Morgan
>University of Washington
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>Puget Sound Oracle Users Group

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