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Re: here's a good one from dizwell on the recent product launch

From: Noons <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 01:11:27 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Jul 16, 8:58 am, Mark Townsend <> wrote:
> hpuxrac wrote:
> > Here's the url with some good comments at the bottom ...
> >
> Well, if good means predictable, I agree with you. Howard and Noons like
> to complain, especially about new releases. Howard originally called 10g
> 'Oracle9i Release 3' - sound familiar at all ? It's a new release. Try
> it out, test it and see if you like it. Nobody is claiming that it cures
> cancer, however it does have a lot of new features designed, developed
> and documented by a bunch of very dedicated people. They deserve a few
> moments of glory. Why deny them that ?

Don't speak for Howard, no matter how much that might suit the opinion of some morons inside Oracle. But Noons doesn't like to complain unless there is very good reason for doing so:

it is COMPLETELY unacceptable that Oracle continues to deliver new releases without fixing first what are absolutely egregious bugs.

Would you like me to publicly go into the details once more? With pleasure.

As for cancer cure, listening to the marketing nonsense in the last month or so it would appear it is the second coming. Does it also update the correct tables now or is that bug not fixed yet, after 6 years of it?

Can it finally handle high I/O in LOBs stored in ASSM tablespaces or is that still causing 600 errors all over the place, like in the last 5 years?

Is it possible to setup a database using FBIs that doesn't require a bucketful of
undocumented optimiser parameters in
order to perform acceptably?

You see:

"dedication" is not measured by number of new releases or features. The WHOLE POINT of using a database is first and primarily to have a RELIABLE and CONSISTENT mechanism to store and acess data.

When that fails consistently for nearly 7 years and the "dedicated" folks do preciously NOTHING to fix problems that have seen three major releases without a permanent fix, it's high time for "dedication" to become "fix the damn basics, you blithering idiots!"...

Of course, you can take the usual marketing blowhard attitude of discrediting everyone in sight who disagrees with the current state of affairs. Be my guest: it's nothing new and I've only had, oh, let me see: 20 years of it already?

Recall however that when the "dedicated" people were still trying to spell "database", others were already using the product and pushing it because it was reliable. Those folks haven't changed their opinions depending on who
pays the most, or the fashion statement
of the week.
Unlike marketing blowhards.

Don't act too surprised when the "market" decides to drop the features and go with solid products. Received on Mon Jul 16 2007 - 03:11:27 CDT

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