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Re: starting oracle with solaris project

From: Wolfgang <>
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 23:26:54 +0200
Message-ID: <469a911d$0$3832$>

gerryt schrieb:
> On Jul 14, 1:11 pm, DA Morgan <> wrote:

>> gerryt wrote:
>>> On Jul 14, 8:52 am, DA Morgan <> wrote:
>>>> Andrew Gabriel wrote:
>>>>> In article <>,
>>>>>    DA Morgan <> writes:
>>>>>> If there is something called "Solaris Projects" please provide a link as
>>>>>> I would like to learn what they are. Thanks.
>>>>> man project
>>>> That requires having Solaris which I not have access to in my lab.
>>>> Surely there is some online documentation or mention on the web.
>>> Indeed
>>> Its online with a little Google assistance:
>>>> And, again, do they relate do Solaris 10 containers? Is there some
>>>> reason no one can state what they are?
>>> man -s 5 zones on Solaris 10
>>> NAME
>>>      zones - Solaris application containers
>>>      The zones facility in Solaris provides an isolated  environ-
>>>      ment  for  running applications. Processes running in a zone
>>>      are prevented from  monitoring  or  interfering  with  other
>>>      activity  in  the system. Access to other processes, network
>>>      interfaces, file systems, devices, and inter-process commun-
>>>      ication  facilities  are  restricted  to prevent interaction
>>>      between processes in different zones.
>>> Again available online
>>> (but the usual PITA to find on : <)
>>> Whether this a good idea for Oracle in larger installation could be
>>> debateable..
>> Again thank you and again this IS containers and again this is not an
>> environment supported by Oracle except in a very superficial manner.

> And I thank you for that!
>> It seems you are putting your databases your DBAs, and your organization
>> at risk.

> I have this little lab.. Pulled down 10g the other day to see what
> issues might
> crop up as a client of mine has nice shiny new M4000 to configure.
> (even before reading the above) I was leaning towards NOT using a
> special zone just for Oracle, but I might still look at it.
> A special project ID almost certainly.
> On Solaris 10 /etc/system hacks are practically deprecated BTW.
> Last time I looked even the Oracle install docs were aware of that
> amazingly : >

projects are not containers. you can use projects with zones, but projects are part of resource managment in Solaris, also in Solaris 9.

projects are available also in older Solaris versions, not only Solaris 10. Every process use implicit the default project if not defined otherwise in /etc/project. Due to that i think projects have to be a supported thing with Oracle since Solaris is supported.

a definition of a project does no restrict a process unless you define resource bindings to the project.

maybe solaris 10 has a bug with shared memory, so oracle has problems with a project other than default, but I used projects with dedicated listeners without problems, but i wonder if oracle would be problematic with the.

are there a project configuration in the oracle-agent on Sun Clusters?

but if projects are not the adequate way to look at the resources, how can I differentiate between the resources used by many instances? I am not a dba and i have no access to a oracle managment console, but i want   to monitor single instances. how can i say how much resources used from a instance (e.g. if i run about 10-20 instances on a single server)?

wolfgang Received on Sun Jul 15 2007 - 16:26:54 CDT

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