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Re: starting oracle with solaris project

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 13:08:22 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Chris Ridd wrote:
> On 2007-07-14 16:52:18 +0100, DA Morgan <> said:

>> Andrew Gabriel wrote:
>>> In article <>,
>>>     DA Morgan <> writes:
>>>> If there is something called "Solaris Projects" please provide a 
>>>> link as
>>>> I would like to learn what they are. Thanks.
>>> man project
>> That requires having Solaris which I not have access to in my lab.
>> Surely there is some online documentation or mention on the web.

> Sun's manuals (including man pages) are all available online from the
> new improved <>. You should definitely look there.
>> And, again, do they relate do Solaris 10 containers? Is there some
>> reason no one can state what they are?

> I think there's an element here of "do your own homework" ;-) No offence
> intended.
> Incidentally, the top hit returned by googling for "solaris projects"
> looks like a useful article.
> Cheers,
> Chris

Thanks. I just reviewed metalink Doc ID: Note:317257.1

And unless I am misreading it ... they are related to containers and I wouldn't touch them with an Oracle database.

You might also read Doc ID: Note:399895.1 "Solaris 10 sets the shared memory segments on projects, and it is suspected to be caused by projects not being setup correctly. Because of this, there is not sufficient SHMMAX available for Oracle to allocate the SGA, so startup fails."

The solution recommendation BTW is entries in /etc/system

I understand most SA's don't pay much attention to DBA concerns. But were I a DBA working with you I'd be very concerned until someone proved to me that my databases were not being put at risk.

Daniel A. Morgan
University of Washington (replace x with u to respond)
Puget Sound Oracle Users Group
Received on Sat Jul 14 2007 - 15:08:22 CDT

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