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Re: Minimizing backup induced downtime

From: Alexander Skwar <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 22:27:45 +0200
Message-ID: <>

ยท <>:

> On Jul 13, 6:43 am, Ed_Zep <> wrote:

>> > > as you already  
>> > > have dismissed RMAN, without even using it.
>> > What makes you say so? Say, can you actually also try to be helpful
>> > or are you always out to humiliate people?
>> > Alexander Skwar
>> He seems to enjoy doing both. The first is do with Oracle, the second
>> would probably involve a different newsgroup.
>> Ed.

> Sybrand
>>If you run a database in archivelog mode, use RMAN to backup and
>>recover both database and archivelogs,

> Since Alex has never done media recovery on a restored datafile(by his
> own admission), with or without RMAN, nor does he seem capable of
> reading or understanding oracle's documentation that clearly states
> that what you posted succintly above is correct,

Strangely, all you "attackers" cannot prove your points by showing "real meat", ie. real paragraps from real documentation. And when I show documentation which backs my position, nothing is replied to this anymore (see my replyy to Sybrands "help" in his post <>). Strange, isn't it? But me quoting relevant paragraphs from the documentation clearly shows, that I was not capable to read the documentation. Yeah, right.

> it seems that Alex is
> determined to remain ignorant of what's needed here.

Being ignorant means to be willing to accept new technologies/techniques? Strange definition...

> I don't think Alex has been trained in correct DB backup and restore
> procedures. I was trained before RMAN so I can do my own OS hot
> backups but since then I have learned the benefits of RMAN and use
> it.
> Alex doesn't understand, nor does he seem willing to learn.

It seems you haven't read the thread - which is fine, of course. But if that's so, you really should not judge.

> Alex:

>>Remember: Archived redo logs from 22:46 - 23:00 are *not* available.
>>A standby database also does not exist - or it went to flames at 23:00
>>as well.

> Why arent they available,

They were on disk and the disk is dead. Sadly, they have not yet been written to tape or some other secure medium.

BTW: You would've known that, if you would've read the thread.

> you're running in archive log mode correct?

Of course.

> Read oracle's backup and recovery concepts manual and come back with
> the answer.

The manual shows how to get back data, which does not exist? Care to point me to the page/section in the manual, where this is explained? No? Thought so.

Alexander Skwar

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