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Re: Minimizing backup induced downtime

From: Alexander Skwar <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 20:55:42 +0200
Message-ID: <>

ยท <>:
> On Thu, 12 Jul 2007 19:56:18 +0200, Alexander Skwar
> <> wrote:

>>I'm just curious, why is it, that "you Oracle guys" (I mean you 
>>and Sybrand) are always out to attack people (or at least me) 
>>without even offering help? Are you really *THAT* frustrated?

> My job largely consists of dealing with self-appointed 'experts' like
> you. You are clearly explained export is not a back-up, yet you
> maintain export is a back-up.

Yes. When importing, I get back all the data I exported. And as far as "my" application is concerned, that's good enough. And it also works, which I of course tested.

Pray tell, why is it not a backup, if I get back everything I need?

> You probably do that because you
> a) either didn't read the answer at all
> b) don't understand it, but are too proud to ask
> c) you are just someone arrogant who has exactly zilch knowledge of
> Oracle, and claim to know everything better.

Sorry Sybrand, but your glassball is severely broken. I just don't know where you could get a new one. So sorry.

  1. I read everything
  2. I asked quite some questions
  3. I often stated, that I'm not experienced that much and would like to get advice

> This attitude is often found with developers, who, in order to hide
> their incompetency, shout 'impossible' to every proposal to make their
> (cr)app better, just because it would prove them to be incorrect and
> incompetent.

Proposal? I guess my newsfeed is broken, but so far I haven't seen a proposal. I'm still looking forward to hear a proposal - which is a bit more "complete" then somebody spitting a "Use RMAN!eleven!!1!".

> You claim I insulted you.


> That is not true.


> You insulted me by stating
> over and over again export is a backup.

*LOL* You are funny, in a strange way.

> This is not difference of
> opinion, it is a *fact* export is not a backup.

Care to explain?

> You expose yourself as
> an idiot. Then you start barking RMAN doesn't work.


> You may have
> looked at it five minutes,


> yet you refuse to take advice from people
> who work with RMAN and who *do* know what they are talking about.

Like? You told me to do set the format to '/tmp/backup/%F.ctl'. As I showed, this did not work.

> You state I don't offer help.


> Obviously that is incorrect too.

This is "obviously" a false statement, as anyone can easily see.

> Any
> help I offer you is dismissed because for some reason my help doesn't
> suit you.

Wrong. I did what you told me to do and that did not work. After that, you did not help anymore. Instead you went on to attack me personally - "argumentum ad hominem", I might say. Why are you doing that? You ran out of substance so fast?

> I'm just curious where your fucking arrogant attitude comes from.

Funny. *YOU* talk about arrogance? Hm, well, why not. After all, you have quite some first hand knowledge, don't you?

> Have
> you really been beated up that badly in your childhood?

Is that the reason, why you are that way? Poor boy. Want a lollipop?

Alexander Skwar

byob, v:
        Believing Your Own Bull
Received on Thu Jul 12 2007 - 13:55:42 CDT

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