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Re: Minimizing backup induced downtime

From: Steve Howard <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 18:31:56 -0000
Message-ID: <>

On Jul 12, 10:23 am, Alexander Skwar <> wrote:
> Steve Howard <> wrote:
> > On Jul 12, 7:33 am, Alexander Skwar <> wrote:
> >> In such a scenario/setup, wouldn't RMAN make the downtime larger? Or am
> >> I overlooking something completely (which might of course be true)? Hm,
> >> right now, I'm pretty much thinking, that a shell script based backup
> >> (as I'm currently doing) is a better approach, don't you think?
> > Just take an export...LOL!
> *LOL* You know, actually I AM doing an export. But that's just for
> the sake of completeness and also because it's so easy and doesn't
> cost anything. I'm doing that, so that it's easy to IMP all the
> data from this database to some other database. As you might want
> to recall, I'm talking about tiny databases (17g) with just even
> much more tiny exports (700m).
> > RMAN is the way to go.
> That's why I'm trying to make use of RMAN.
> > You don't need to have anything down,
> I don't? How do I ensure, that my application doesn't mess with
> data that's not under the control of Oracle? My primary concern
> is, that a user can delete/modify (and add, but I don't care much
> about this) files stored on the filesystem, while RMAN is running.
> Because of this, the combination of database + vault (see response
> to Davids post) might not be consistent. That's something, which
> I'd pretty much like to avoid, if possible. And it IS possible, when
> I shut down "everything" (ie. app + oracle). I don't yet see, how
> this is possible, when I not stop at least the application.
> But how do I *ensure* that the application is in a consistent
> state, without shutting it down? The application doesn't have
> a "backup mode", where it writes all pending tasks, or something
> like this. If you're interested, the application is "Teamcenter
> Enterprise" by EDS/UGS/Siemens.
> > you can
> > take incremental backups that can be much faster than anything else
> > you have noted,
> Actually, the actual time it takes to do the "backup" (ie. writing to
> tape) doesn't matter much at all to me. Reason: I'm taking a backup
> of my snapshot. During this time, the application is up again and users
> can work with it, just like usual. A backup can't get much faster than
> that - from a users perspective, the downtime because of backups is
> about 10 seconds up to a minute. Even an incremental backup will take
> longer.
> > and it is probably (at some point) all Oracle will
> > support going forward.
> Uhm. Think so? Don't you think, that they'll always support cold backups,
> ie. backups when the database has been shut down?
> > It's an incredibly powerful technology.
> No doubt. I just need to find a way, to make it work for me. I suppose
> that this WILL be possible. I just don't know how - *yet*. :)
> Thanks a lot for your response as well,
> Alexander Skwar

Sorry, I re-read your post, and you are correct, RMAN would not help much. It sounds like to you need to trash the app, though :) Received on Thu Jul 12 2007 - 13:31:56 CDT

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