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Re: command line vs grid control

From: Noons <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 08:18:12 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Jul 11, 12:55 am, DA Morgan <> wrote:

> Want to take bets on the number of DBAs currently running production
> databases that are not in archive log mode? The number that think an
> export is a backup? The number that think tuning means cache-hit ratios?
> The number still separating tables and indexes into separate tablespaces
> "for performance?"
> Of course anyone and everyone can point to examples of bad stuff
> happening. I've no doubt everyone here has a horror story or ten.

Of course! And it ain't grid that is going to stop that.

And in what shape, format or otherwise is grid gonna stop them doing that? Last time I looked it does not impose that they must run archive log mode, or stop them from doing exports, or any of the other two?

> But you might also reread some of the questions/issues posted here
> in this group. Would you be willing to run some of these people's
> shell scripts? I know I wouldn't.

Sure. But do recall that folks learn. And grid doesn't teach anyone anything: it just imposes one way of doing things and doesn't even provide details of what the heck it's doing.

> This may come as a shock to you but from what you've posted here
> over the years ... you hardly qualify as the average DBA. You should
> not assume others know what you know and are as good as you are: They
> are not.

I also know for sure that I made many errors along the years and it was the process of learning from those errors and continually improving that made me, hopefully, a somewhat better dba.

What I see with grid is a bad case of
"swish and click" pseudo-magic that achieves nothing in terms of improving real knowledge and creates a false sense in folks that they are "doing the right thing".

Worse: it encourages the "do as Oracle
says" approach, which has been proven damn wrong along 30 years.

Let's not forget who *really* started the bchr, ok? Hint: it was NOT Don... Received on Tue Jul 10 2007 - 10:18:12 CDT

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