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Re: Oracle 10G Grid Control

From: Fred Pierce <>
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 11:32:12 -0400
Message-ID: <>

On Thu, 05 Jul 2007 06:49:52 -0700, DA Morgan <> wrote:

> wrote:
>> Does anyone know if Grid control is a bundled product with the
>> enterprise edition of the database or a separate product purchasable?
>> TIA
>The Grid is separate and the Diagnostic Pack, Tuning Pack, etc.
>separate licensing.

Is it just me or is it getting even harder to find out info like that? Once upon a time, I recall, after much digging, being able to find a listing of what an Oracle product included and what was optional. Now, after much digging, I haven't found such a thing. The Oracle web site is a labrynth of hype - information overload of white paper etc. but still no meat, i.e. what products are available, what do they include, and what is the list price. Do you know of an easy way for a person to look up product included/optional features?

Even the online store is well hidden - teeny link in the lower right of the main page. Then once you get into the store, no link back to And still no listing of features - just charge 40k to your visa and guess what you bought (would anybody do that? why have an online store if they don't?).

Seems I recall that "remove barriers between you and your customer" was among the top ten Ferenghi Rules of Aquisition, yet it seems like most vendors (it's not just an Oracle thing) put forth a lot of effort to make sure potential customers can't find out what's for sale, how much it costs, or where to buy it. If one does make contact with a sales rep, they usually don't can't answer the question either, but immediately start babbling about whateve product they're introducing this week, which might be something you already own with a different marketing name.

What started this commentary was that I was/am pretty sure GC is included in Enterprise. The Packs, as you say, are options. Rummaging through the store seems to bear me out - I see no GC option for sale but do see the packs.

Fortunately I don't have to shop for this stuff directly so it's somewhat academic to me, but I do wonder how many customers are turned off by this, how many licenses agreements are inadvertantly violated etc. GC does have the capability of monitoring feature usage and requires a specific act to enable the Packs, so the problem is being addressed to some extent, but it's still not easy for a potential customer to find out what's included in a product.

Not sure why I wrote all this; guess it bothers me somehow.


Fred Pierce (DNRC)-
Received on Fri Jul 06 2007 - 10:32:12 CDT

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