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Re: Career questions: databases

From: Neil <>
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2007 00:51:22 GMT
Message-ID: <eaCii.8032$>

> You've truly made this an East vs West issue here. If you *had* read
> my post as a whole, you'd have realized I wasn't attempting to
> belittle western civilization or even the white man. I've already
> mentioned this in my previous post, so I'm not going to waste more
> words on this.

I would have to disagree with you here. You very much did belittle the white man. You made the statement that wherever white men have gone, things are left in ruins. I replied that mankind, in general, is corrupt, and those in power are the most corrupt, and had people of other color been in power, the results would have been pretty much the same. You replied, "Maybe, maybe not."

So you clearly were stating that there's a difference between white people and people of other color -- that it's not just a question of corrupt men performing corrupt acts because they're able to, but there's a distinction between white people and other people -- or at least that you couldn't deny that's what you were saying.

> End note(s): a. I can't help it if you intend to jump to conclusions
> without even bothering to comprehend what I actually wrote. b. It's
> not nice to project anyone's native civilization or race in an
> inferior fashion, nor is it proper.

I agree. See above.

Here in a America, we have a large portion of young African American males who are in prison. Why? Are they inherently more criminal than, say, white or asian males? Or have circumstances in this country caused that disparity to a large extent? Some would say that African Americans are an inferior race, less civilized, and, hence, commit more crimes. I call those people "racists." I have no doubt that if the tables were turned, and most of the opportunities in this country went to black people and white people were in the minority, that the prison population would be reversed.

Similarly, on the flip side, too much opportunity, too much power, leads to corruptions, abuses of power. And I also think that any other race would act the same as whites, if given the same power and opportunity. I similarly call any who say otherwise "racists."

Neil Received on Tue Jul 03 2007 - 19:51:22 CDT

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