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Re: Career questions: databases

From: Bruce C. Baker <>
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 10:47:35 -0500
Message-ID: <qcuii.7130$Zt6.2653@newsfe19.lga>

"dreamznatcher" <> wrote in message
> On Jul 3, 6:38 am, "Bruce C. Baker" <>
> wrote:
>> Sorry, old boy, but actually it's "Wherever the white man has /departed/,
>> everything is in ruins."
> You could say that, but you have to be someplace for a while to depart
> from it.
>>Seems that while the natives are capable of
>> enjoying the fruits of civilization, they aren't quite capable of
>> maintaining it. Pity, really.
> Seemingly, many "natives" of the western world don't quite realize
> they reached the "civilized" status about a few thousand years after
> the natives of Asia, Africa and South America. And that the bulk of
> "fruits of civilization" of a few thousands of years might actually
> far outweigh a few centuries of discoveries and fantastic inventions.
> Please check out a few good history books at a standard library close
> to you.
>>> I wouldn't have responded to the OP's post at
>>> all had he not dissed /my/ tribe. It's a little disingenuous to bash the
>>> "white man" while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of western
>>> European
>>> medicine, technology, political traditions, etc.!
> Since you're mentioning the benefits of western European inventions
> and ideas, read above, and once again, check out a good library.
> Points to ponder: Jesus Christ was not white and actually Asian. Even
> today children from the Indian subcontinent are taught to count with
> their fingers differently than most parts of the world; but that's
> only because they discovered the decimal system, not to mention matrix
> algebra and the concept of zero in mathematics.
> You've truly made this an East vs West issue here. If you *had* read
> my post as a whole, you'd have realized I wasn't attempting to
> belittle western civilization or even the white man. I've already
> mentioned this in my previous post, so I'm not going to waste more
> words on this.
> End note(s): a. I can't help it if you intend to jump to conclusions
> without even bothering to comprehend what I actually wrote. b. It's
> not nice to project anyone's native civilization or race in an
> inferior fashion, nor is it proper. c. These kind of discussions
> shouldn't be taken further for sake of relevance in c.d.o.s. or just
> about any technical group. d. You might want to check out previous
> posts of a user in case the issue has been covered and before you
> decide to make a fuss about it.

I bow to your superior intellect. Received on Tue Jul 03 2007 - 10:47:35 CDT

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