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Re: Career questions: databases

From: dreamznatcher <>
Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2007 00:02:43 -0000
Message-ID: <>

On Jul 3, 5:43 am, Bob Badour <> wrote:
> dreamznatcher wrote:
> > On Jul 3, 5:04 am, Bob Badour <> wrote:
> >>dreamznatcher wrote:
> >>>On Jul 3, 3:44 am, "Neil" <> wrote:
> >>>>Two points.
> >>>>One, we're not living in Shakespeare's day anymore, so get over it.
> >>>You obviously have no idea of the impact Shakespeare has had on the
> >>>English language, and the many idioms and phrases and metaphors which
> >>>he created that are still commonly being used today, by American
> >>>English speakers and British English speakers alike, and just about by
> >>>any anyone on any part of the globe speaking English.
> >>>>And two, Brits don't know nothing. If they did, then they wouldn't have lost
> >>>>their world empire, and wouldn't have needed us to bail them out in WWII.
> >>>Let's take that discussion further.
> >>>Wherever the white man goes, everything is left is ruins. Starting
> >>>from the colonial times and following to the present day, consider
> >>>reading the histories of the Indian subcontinent, South America,
> >>>Africa, the Middle East, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, with perhaps Iran
> >>>and Venezuela to follow. And let's not even talk about the Red
> >>>Indians.
> >>Are you suggesting that none of these places were ruins by modern
> >>standards before Europeans arrived? Are you suggesting that Canada, the
> >>USA, Australia, New Zealand and Japan are ruins?
> > Please read the para I wrote after that. And if you've read my whole
> > post you'll realize I'm not the one who's racist or something.
> I don't recall calling you racist. I asked whether you were suggesting
> the above. Since you have already exhibited self-delusion, I stop
> reading at the first sign of it.
> I don't have time to read delusional rants.

Clarification: no, you didn't call me a racist. Sorry for any misunderstandings.
Regarding my self-delusion: this is linked to the claim that I suggested you called me a racist, but my clarification should clear up things a bit, shouldn't it? And linked to my expression of my accomplishment, to which I've already responded. Story ends here then. Received on Mon Jul 02 2007 - 19:02:43 CDT

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