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Re: Career questions: databases

From: dreamznatcher <>
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2007 23:52:38 -0000
Message-ID: <>

On Jul 3, 5:17 am, "Neil" <> wrote:

> Believe it or not, I do. What you don't seem to realize is that my comment
> was a joke. Did you notice the poor grammar in my note? It was intended to
> be tongue-in-cheek.

Okay Neil, I'm sorry, maybe this thread has got my sense of humor screwed.

>>> And two, Brits don't know nothing. If they did, then they wouldn't have
>>> lost
>>> their world empire, and wouldn't have needed us to bail them out in WWII.

Which has been followed by:
>> Let's take that discussion further.

which implies I was merely talking in the same vein as you were.

> Wherever *man* goes everything is left in ruins.

I have to agree, Neil.

>Consider the corruption and
> genocide occuring on the African continent. No white man to blame there.

Really? Do you know anybody working somewhere like Shell? Well I do, and they've got a very different story to tell. And they have a very different view of the CIA, too.

>Had black people or yellow
>people or red people or (gasp) Bangladeshian people been the ones with the
> most power over the past few hundred years, history would have been more or
> less the same.

Maybe, maybe not. You should read our history too, but perhaps (judging from your timely gasps) you think that a third-world country with a 3000-year old history of civilization is still only a thirdworld  country. Note: Bangladeshis discovered China a long time before the Europeans. We gave the world the Buddha, who was a citizen of what was ancient Bengal (Pancha Gouda), supplied the West with spices and jewels and jute for centuries, and our current most famous export today would be micro-credit. Never mind.

> Wow, you sound like you need to take your medication or something.........
I'm sure many would agree that I'm not the only one.

> All I said was that we saved their asses in World War II, so they owe it to
> us to speak English the proper way -- the American way! -- and not in some
> outdated British way. Who said anything about Iraq and whatnot??......

All I'm saying is you have a right to speak English in the American way or in any way you might consider proper! Not because you saved their or anyone's asses in some-yesteryear, dammit!

> Get over yourself, man!

Mirror, mirror on the wall... Lol Received on Mon Jul 02 2007 - 18:52:38 CDT

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