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Re: Career questions: databases

From: Neil <>
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 17:42:08 -0500
Message-ID: <bcfii.23773$>

"dreamznatcher" <> wrote in message
> On Jul 2, 11:32 pm, "Neil" <> wrote:
>> I think you're taking it all wrong (and making too much of yourself, to
>> be
>> honest with you). DA Morgan gave you some advice based on his experience,
>> with the intent of helping you.
> Mate, all throughout this thread I have been repeating that I at most
> have intermediate skills compared to guys like Morgan. If that holds,
> how could I have ever made too much of myself? I don't think you're
> making sense here.

OK, then I'll repeat myself. You wrote:

"Since most people around here are more bothered with levels of proficiency and who the upstart I might be"

People areound here are not bothered by the upstart you might be, nor with whether or not you are an upstart. That's what I was referring to by making too much of yourself.

> I think the point was that some felt that you were full of cow
> excrement
> for putting those things on your resume.
>> He was trying to give
>> you some friendly advice to help you be successful with your resume.
> Sure he was, but then again somebody once said, "I think the point was
> that some felt that you were full of cow excrement for putting those
> things on your resume".. I wonder who he was referring to.

Yes, that's correct. But, again, the point is that he was giving you advice on how to help you to have what would be in his opinion a more effective resume. He wasn't bothered by the fact that you might be an "upstart" or any such thing.

>> No one here really cares if you're proficient or not. We don't think
>> you're
>> an "upstart." You're just a guy posting in a newsgroup. No one is
>> threatened
>> by you.
> You're making me laugh here. How could you even bring up the
> "threatening" part? Info: one can't obviously appear aggressive or
> threatening if he's humbly saying over and over again that he's at
> best a mediocre in your trade.

Again, based on your statement, "Most people around here are more bothered with ... who the upstart I might be."

>>This whole discussion was not about you at all. It was about what is
>> or isn't proficiency, in general, not about whether or not you're
>> proficient. No one really cares if you're proficient. It doesn't affect
>> us
>> at all.
> Alas, that is how things become. I started the thread to get some
> questions answered and look at the truckpile of Shit (thanks Bob!) I
> came up with. As I point out, I'm not proficient, and though whether
> you guys might or might not be proficient doesn't really affect me
> either I have always been respectful of your skill. On my end, I've
> only wanted to find ways to increase my proficiency.
>> So I think you need to take yourself a little less seriously, if you want
>> some friendly advice.

Again, just going by your words.

> Omigosh, now I'm repentant. Why didn't I brag about lecturing in
> podiums and brandish challenges so that I could get away with it?
> Shit, I never learn. As for friendly advice, I'm done with it. If this
> is how techno-nerds are, there should be more people in the world
> preaching religion or at least offer free counseling.
>> I did read that. But I think you were taking the "woe is me" thing a bit
>> too
>> far by saying that "even if you had the money" you couldn't buy it
>> because
>> you "don't have a credit card."
> Clarification doesn't necessarily mean "woe is me". I'm not asking for
> your sympathy. As I said, I'm desperate to learn, and you have seen
> how persistent I have been on that issue in my posts. In other words,
> I might need your advice, but definitely not your sympathy.
>>I was showing you that you can buy over the
>> Internet without a credit card if and when you ever get the money. Just
>> correcting your false statement that you wouldn't be able to buy it "even
>> if
>> you had the money."
> Oh I'm sorry. You got me here. Ever heard of Google?

Yes, I have.

>> Listen, you're not disappointing! Why would I be disappointed? Like my
>> life
>> is wrapped around whether or not you have bandwidth?? Amazing.
> Thanks, you're understanding at last. Now you should realize it works
> the same way with me.
>> Anyway, yes, you're at a disadvantage. I realize that. But people do get
>> by
>> with disadvantages. It might take you longer to browse. Or you might have
>> to
>> download what you're going to read or wait for it to buffer. A little
>> more
>> difficult, but doable.
> I'm here. I'm here reaching out to experts over a forum. Don't you
> think I know what to do regarding giving effort?

You're saying you don't have books, and you don't have enough bandwidth to get materials online, and -- oh yeah -- even if you had the money you couldn't buy anything over the Internet because you don't have a credit card. I was addressing your statements.

>> Here's my advice to you: get out there and do something. Once you start
>> doing something related to programming, you'll find other stuff to do,
>> and
>> other stuff to do. And wherever you work, they'll probably have technical
>> resources available for you to use and (gasp!) maybe higher bandwidth,
>> etc.
>> Just get out there and do something, and doors will open (if you're half
>> as
>> good as you say you are, that is... ;-) ).
> This is the only part that truly addresses my condition. Thank you for
> being so informative. Now I realize, instead of having come to this
> forum I should have tried out Yahoo! Answers or the sorts.

Yes, Yahoo! Answers is a great place to go. I think you'll like it there.

>> resources available for you to use and (gasp!) maybe higher bandwidth,
>> etc.
>> Just get out there and do something, and doors will open (if you're half
>> as
>> good as you say you are, that is... ;-) ).
> You're desperately under the wrong impression that I'm begging you for
> sympathy or probably even asking you to buy me bandwidth.

I never had the impression that you were asking me to buy you bandwidth or anything else. So you can put your mind at ease on that one. But I do think you were looking for sympathy.

> I asked
> questions because I couldn't find any answers in my context. Anyway,
> not your problem and not a word more on this.
>>What we did do is get out there and
>> start using the technologies that we knew, and, from there, learned more
>> technologies. Just get out there and start doing something. :-)
> By saying that credit card facilities, lack of resources and
> bandwidth, etc, etc, I was only trying to explain that technologies
> aren't really that easy to learn in these parts. Again, not to be
> misinterpreted as sympathy-begging.

OK, understood.

>> Well there you go. So you should be able to find a job. If you can't,
>> then I
>> don't know what to say.
> My God! When did I ever say that I'm unemployed?

Your original post said:

"I'm considering a career switch to a more database-related job, but need help on a few questions and issues. I'm a Computer Engineering graduate and have always felt most comfortable creating databasedriven  applications, preferably for web portals."

That gave the impression that you were: a) not yet employed in a database-related job ("considering" a career switch) and b) possibly just out of school (Computer Engineering graduate).

I didn't mean that you were unemployed, only that you were not yet employed in a database-related job, and that you should just get out there and start doing it.

I also didn't mean to imply that you couldn't find a job, only that, if you didn't find a job, I don't know what to say.

> Similarly, when did I ever say, omigosh, I'm the best, I'm the best,
> I'm the best?

I never said that you said you were the best. I was saying that if you have three books and hundreds of articles published, then you're an intelligent person and you should be able to find a job. That's all.


> No wonder the world has come to this.
> Over and out.
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