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Re: ORA-01115 IO errors

From: Gerald Sinkiewicz <>
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 20:17:52 -0400
Message-ID: <QuXhi.8538$>

"DA Morgan" <> wrote in message

> Gerald Sinkiewicz wrote:
>> "DA Morgan" <> wrote in message 

>>> Gerald Sinkiewicz wrote:
>>>> The ORA-01115 references file 10. I cannot post file names.
>>>> Ah, I did misspell "owner" and there are other messages related to the
>>>> ORA-01115 that really just say Oracle could not read a certain block in
>>>> file 10....
>>> That is an entirely different matter that has nothing to do with what
>>> you sent the storage admins chasing ... stop them.
>>> Oracle error messages are intended to be handled in a specific manner as
>>> befits an enterprise database. First you go to
>>> and determine an appropriate actions plan:
>>> Then you act precisely as instructed. What you appear to have done is
>>> a guaranteed recipe for disaster ... not understand the message, not
>>> research the message ... and start doing stuff hoping something will
>>> fix it.
>>> So lets get back to basics ...
>>> Oracle can not read one or more specific blocks of a specific data file.
>>> This is an indication of a specific problem with a specific solution.
>>> Which blocks? In which tablespace? Being used by which objects? What
>>> version of Oracle do you have and have you, as you should have, taken
>>> backups with RMAN? If so what backups do you have, how were they taken,
>>> and specifically what actions, if any, have been taken since the problem
>>> was first discovered.
>>> While you are contemplating the above run an RDA and open an SR.
>>> --
>>> Daniel A. Morgan
>>> University of Washington
>>> (replace x with u to respond)
>>> Puget Sound Oracle Users Group
>> Of course, I did go to metalink, which directs me to see the storage 
>> guys.
>> Since the errors of 6/27 the problem has gone away, that is the 
>> application is no longer getting the error.
>> I have dbv'd the files in question and my backups are also verified and 
>> do not point to a problem.
>> The problem is intermittent, which is one reason metalink sends me to the 
>> guys with the McData's.
>> If the problem had shown up in my alert log I would have been able to 
>> submit an SR to oracle, but since it is
>> in application logs that I cannot see, there is not much I can send in 
>> with the SR for oracle to look at other than
>> an RDA. I really think the SAN guys need to chase something here because 
>> there is a history in errpt of SAN
>> disk errors. It is possible the McData switch has intermittent problems, 
>> that could cause some strange errors, like
>> this one. It is also possible there is a server problem I suppose, like 
>> memory, that could mess up a bit and cause
>> a strange error. The only thing I am sure of is file 10 is not corrupt 
>> :-).
>> But are there any references for "RISC System/6000 Error:1: Not owner"? I 
>> did request the system admins to
>> contact IBM about the meaning, but have not heard a word, yet.
> Given the clarification ... I'd be looking at hard disk controller cards
> on the server and related hardware infrastructure on the SAN. Something
> may be getting prepared to die.
> -- 
> Daniel A. Morgan
> University of Washington
> (replace x with u to respond)
> Puget Sound Oracle Users Group

I will agree with that, this box has not been well. In the recent past this box has died at least once (bad power supply is what IBM said)
and hung a couple of times (once running out of pagefile space). Received on Sun Jul 01 2007 - 19:17:52 CDT

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