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Re: Career questions: databases

From: hpuxrac <>
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 17:29:21 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Jun 30, 7:15 pm, dreamznatcher <> wrote:

> Dear hpuxrac:
> Thanks, first off, for such a detailed and helpful response.
> That should be the end of this string, but I feel I should clarify a
> few things.

You are welcome. No need to end this unless you don't want to keep it going. Many of these types of discussions go on and on in these newsgroups.


> By "chalk out"/conceptualize I precisely meant doing ERDs. Yes, I did
> it; it was very big -- it took me around eight cartridge-size papers
> taped together and got my back strained. But the whole thing didn't
> take me more than 2 working days (~20 hrs at most) and I enjoyed it
> thoroughly. And, I drafted the interface -- like this page/frame will
> look like this and have these objects/forms and accept these kind of
> entries, yadda yadda yadda.

At this point then you have to start thinking about what's wrong with each different part of your model. Piece by piece, entity by entity, attribute by attribute, subtype by subtype. There's verbal terminology that you can use to go between each different entity. Lots of different possible approaches to try and validate.

Interaction with business experts in each of the area's that your model touches is key. Plus a team approach where different people with strengths in different areas get involved to tear apart certain parts and build out other ones.

> > That's a whole lot different from having a good database design as
> > well as a set of business requirements.
> I've done ERP, and maintained appropriate design standards. I don't
> know what's a CRP.

Sorry maybe a typo in my post should have been CRM ( customer relationship management systems ).

> And at this point, could I afford a further question? :
> Is drawing ERDs and chalking out how a database application will work
> (on paper) such a big deal? If it is, what do you call the guy who
> does it.. the database architect or something?

Is having the skills to design databases and create ERD's that one can build scalable database applications a big deal?

Yes it is. Job titles for people with those skills vary widely. Sometimes they are data modelers, sometimes senior developers or technical architects or senior dba's or application dba's.

For larger companies or bigger projects it is usually a team effort to come up with database designs and business requirements. There has to be a series of efforts that constantly seek feedback with the business community, sponsors, business process modelers and/or experts within the business units.

Rarely does one come close with the first pass or two at an ERD.

Does this help with any perspective?


> Obviously. But then you get impressions like these:
> >> Lists like this create an immediate negative impression except
> in
> >> HR departments staffed by former shoe salesmen
> and not to mention pegs getting hammered into your head, and into
> where-not of the issue, when you're only trying to get serious. Not
> nice, and definitely gives you the impression you're off-market. Sorry
> if this is only me getting affected.

No shortage of grumpy old men fielding questions and getting excited over here at cdos. Don't let it bother you and feel free to ask questions that you want answers to. You can always filter out responses by people that you don't feel are contributing positive value.

> Lastly, the same thing I started off with: thanks.

Keep the faith but also keep trying to work out what your game plan is. Received on Sat Jun 30 2007 - 19:29:21 CDT

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