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Re: Career questions: databases

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 17:31:56 -0300
Message-ID: <4686bda9$1$4316$>

hpuxrac wrote:

> On Jun 30, 10:12 am, DA Morgan <> wrote:

>>dreamznatcher wrote:
>>>I'm considering a career switch to a more database-related job, but
>>>need help on a few questions and issues. I'm a Computer Engineering
>>>graduate and have always felt most comfortable creating database-
>>>driven applications, preferably for web portals.
>>>[My questions:]
>>>1. What are the most viable career options for me out there? What
>>>profile do I fit in?
>>You don't fit into any specific hash bucket but rather likely have
>>the ability to morph into whichever one you wish.
>>Rather than approaching it from the standpoint of "I'm a square peg
>>which hole should I put myself in?" Turn it around and say "I am a
>>morphable peg and which hole would I most enjoy being in?"
>>>2. What is the current job market/salary situation for database
>>>professionals? With my current skills, what kind of job might I end up
>>Best place to look is,,, etc. But
>>the job market today is not the job market of tomorrow. Certainly
>>there are some things that are safer bets than others. One can
>>essentially guarantee Oracle will still be around in 20 years whereas
>>one can be rather certain a large number of products and companies
>>will not be: At least not in their current form.
>>>3. What are the stuff I should focus/learn to advance my skills
>>Depends on what you want to be doing when you are 57 years old. The
>>only correct answer is asking strangers is a sure road to disaster.
>>>4. And finally, is there any university degree (MS) specializing in
>>>databases anywhere? (I'm also deeply interested in the internal
>>>mechanism/theoretical aspect of databases.)
>>What country? I'm not aware of one in the US but you might want to
>>contact Professor Carl Dudley at University of Wolverhampton with
>>respect to the EU.
>>>_Please read my (following) profile before replying!_
>>>[I'm proficient in: ]
>>>- Oracle (8i, 9i), MySQL (4.1.xx), MS Access
>>>- Have working knowledge of SQL Server 2000
>>>- Intend to learn SQLite and MySQL 5 soon
>>>- JS, PHP
>>>- Intend to learn AJAX, JSON, ASP.Net soon
>>To be brutally honest with you ... no you aren't. One of the things
>>that gets me to toss a resume into the discard pile when looking at
>>resumes is a laundry list of technologies so vast no person could
>>possibly be competent in all of them. Above is such a list and not
>>only are you not proficient in all of them neither is anyone else.
>>Lists like this create an immediate negative impression except in
>>HR departments staffed by former shoe salesmen. <g>
>>Daniel A. Morgan
>>University of Washington
>> (replace x with u to respond)
>>Puget Sound Oracle Users
> Mr. Morgan said "I'm a morphable peg and which hole would I most enjoy
> being in"?.
> Yikes.

He also said the above is a long list of technologies that nobody could learn. I suspect he is mentally retarded and doesn't realize it yet so he assumes everybody else is too. Received on Sat Jun 30 2007 - 15:31:56 CDT

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