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Re: Oracle 10g R2 RHEL 5 When?

From: hpuxrac <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 13:46:07 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Jun 27, 2:25 pm, Jack <> wrote:
> I convert Sybase applications to Oracle and I convert Oracle
> applications to Sybase depending on what the client wants. It is not
> that great of a problem. The DDLs are quite similar except that I have
> to do some emulation for certain datatypes. The hard part is
> conversion of functions, stored procedures and packages which I
> usually have to rewrite. The application in question will take me a
> little over a week to modify which is a lot less time than waiting a
> few months or whatever for Oracle to come up with a certified release.
> The customer wanted it a couple weeks ago and he wanted it on a Linux
> box! The right way, the wrong way and the customer way.

Maybe I am not understanding what you have done so far.

It sounds as if you installed RHEL 5 on a box and "were waiting" for a 10.2 version on RHEL 5. It sounds as if you have an application ( you didn't give any details about what kind of application, it's history, how much code, language, how many database calls, etc ) that is currently coded to go against oracle.

It sounds as if you have now put in a version of sybase onto the RHEL 5 and are in the process of converting the application from oracle over to sybase.

Oracle has 10.2 certified and runnable against RHEL 4.2 but it sounds like you did not want to re-install the OS to that version so that you could then provided a certified release with an apparently unmodified application going against oracle.. You said "he wanted it on a Linux box" but apparently there is not any specification about what database is going to be used?

My experience with applications that are switched and converted quickly between different databases is apparently significantly different than your base of expertise. Received on Wed Jun 27 2007 - 15:46:07 CDT

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