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Re: Oracle 10g - username and password, Scott/Tiger LOCKED

From: Brian Peasland <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 09:18:55 -0500
Message-ID: <468265a0$0$16375$>

ddog wrote:

> On Jun 27, 7:13 am, EdStevens <> wrote:

>> On Jun 27, 6:53 am, ddog <> wrote:
>>> On Jun 26, 10:58 pm, Sinardy Xing <> wrote:
>>>> On Jun 27, 10:49 am, ddog <> wrote:
>>>>> I've installed Oracle 10g on my Windows XP Pro PC. During the config.
>>>>> process I was given the option to set locking on various accounts. I
>>>>> left all of them as they were and now I can't get in to anything - I
>>>>> have no username and password combo that I know of to log in with. Is
>>>>> there a way around this or do I have to uninstall everything,
>>>>> reinstall it and unlock all of the users and pray that one of them is
>>>>> able to log in?
>>>>> I've looked in the TSNAMES.ora file hoping to find something useful
>>>>> there but found nothing. I've a developer not a DBA and all I want to
>>>>> do is create a database, add tables etc. and manipulate it through
>>>>> JDBC.
>>>>> Hopefully I'm just missing something obvious.
>>>>> Any help is greatly appreciated!
>>>> 1. If you see question asking you whether you should lock the account
>>>> or not, then you have a instance already, you don't have to create
>>>> database.
>>>> 2. there is connection directly to the instance without have to go
>>>> through TNS or SQLNET simply
>>>> sqlplus / as sysdba
>>>> 3. you can just create a user then start work from it. try
>>>> following...
>>>> sqlplus / as sysdba
>>>> grant dba to ddog identified by ddog;
>>>> connect ddog/ddog
>>>> create table mytable as select * from dba_users;
>>>> drop table mytable;
>>> Thanks for the replies! I tried sqlplus username=sysdba
>>> What is the password for sysdba? I tried the password that I entered
>>> during the initial installation and it doesn't work.
>>> Thanks again....
>> Well, the syntax is NOT "sqlplus username=sysdba". It is as previous
>> posters already said ... "sqlplus / as sysdba"
>> If you are logged on to the server with an account that is a member of
>> the dba group (I believe on windows it is "ora_dba") this will connect
>> you with all power.
> I know that's not the syntax. This is ridiculous. I think I'll have
> better luck with
> MS SQL Server. Of course Oracle doesn't have an uninstall
> program..........
> it's a miracle anyone uses it.
> Have Fun!

I'm sorry, but I do not understand your frustration. As others have sign on to the database, simply issue "sqlplus / as sysdba" in a DOS window. You will be connected to the database without requiring any password. You will have to be signed on to the server with an account who is a member of the ORA_DBA group. This is no different than using Windows authentication with MS SQL Server when signed on as one of the BUILTIN\Administrators.

Once you are signed on to the database, you can change any user's password with "ALTER USER username IDENTIFIED BY newpassword;". If the account is locked, you can unlock it with "ALTER USER username ACCOUNT UNLOCK;". My apologies if you cannot follow these directions....



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