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Re: What is Oracle's version of MS SQL Profiler

From: <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 07:19:00 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Jun 25, 8:56 am, RS <> wrote:
> On Jun 25, 9:49 am, "" <> wrote:
> > On Jun 25, 8:36 am, RS <> wrote:
> > > Does Oracle have its version of Profiler.
> > > Thank you.
> > What, exactly, are you attempting to do? What do you want to
> > accomplish?
> > David Fitzjarrell
> Tracking code path of a stored procedure (find out what is being
> executed). I'm new to Oracle coming in from Sql Server. Profiler is
> what I use to debug stored procedures and track performance.
> Thanks

There is dbms_profiler, however the code must be instrumented with calls to this package before you'll see any 'benefit'. There is also event 10046 which can be set at the session level, so 'see' what the session is doing (including the SQL queries). If you're using the Cost-based optimizer (CBO) event 10053 can be set to reveal the decisions it is making with respect to the queries submitted. Explain plan can reveal what the optimizer will likely do with a given query, and, from the SQL> prompt (with the proper privileges and roles) autotrace can be set to provide query plans and query statistics but it won't provide much information (if any) for stored procedures, functions or packages.

Oracle also provides Enterprise Manager (not the same as what you're used to with SQL Server) which can provide similar information through a GUI. Depending upon which release of Oracle you're using there is also Statspack (which can capture stats at varying intervals) and AWR (automatic workload repository -- requies a separate license). You can visit:

for the online documentation and

to find working examples of packages and procedures supplied by Oracle.

David Fitzjarrell Received on Mon Jun 25 2007 - 09:19:00 CDT

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