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Re: Is Mr. Garry about to be banned from dizwell

From: EscVector <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 22:17:49 -0000
Message-ID: <>

On Jun 14, 4:13 pm, wrote:
> On Jun 15, 12:58 am, EscVector <> wrote:
> > > > Thank goodness for unmoderated fora!
> > > Yes, pesky thing that moderation... stops people from making anything
> > > they like up and claiming it as fact. Perish the thought indeed...
> > I used to wonder why application developers and dba just couldn't get
> > along. I guess it's because DBAs can't even get along...
> > There are people are dying of disease and war every day. What triva
> > to spend such time and keystrokes on this. How very, very sad. How
> > sad. Everyone gets demerits on this one.
> > And also, "Generally, because the place was becoming ever-more
> > frequented by
> > twits" Thank goodness for the twits, otherwise there we wouldn't need
> > you, Jonathan, Tom, Cary, or anyone else. A twitless world is a
> > boring world. How would I get my laughs, sitcoms? I hate tv.
> > I guess there'd be no war without the twits so those how fight useless
> > battles are twits, so therefore you are yourself a twit, hence you are
> > here posting. Although since you are posting not at all frequently,
> > you are not necessarily by definition a twit, but since this post is
> > useless, you are now back to twit with the rest of us...
> > I hope I run into you guys one day. I won't be able to stop
> > laughing.. or crying.. or both. :)
> I believe you are confusing "twits" (who never added anything much to
> the world) with "wits", who are the people responsible for all the
> laughs and sitcoms you could desire. Twits are just an annoying
> distraction. Wits are what make it all worthwhile. Jonathan, Tom, Cary
> and others are some of the wittiest people I know.
> If only the same could be said about your good self...

No, absolutely no confusion here. If you align sitcom with wit, I guess you don't watch many US sitcoms. Again, you've aligned with the twits as you contribution here adds zero. I prefer my humor dry as opposed to dried up. Received on Thu Jun 14 2007 - 17:17:49 CDT

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