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Re: Step by Step DBA help required - Uninstalling Oracle Spatial

From: HansF <>
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2007 21:53:41 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Jun 6, 4:53 am, wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm standing in for our DBA while he has some much needed annual
> leave. I'm not a DBA but know my way around the database. I've had a
> request come in that one of our DB's has had Oracle Locator and Oracle
> Spatial installed on it. In fact they only want Oracle Locator
> installed on it and so have requested for the Spatial aspect to be
> uninstalled.
> Would anyone be able to provide me with reliable step by step
> instructions on how to do this, or point me at a Metalink note on the
> subject? The DB holds lots of highly used accounts, the one thing I
> can't do is trash it while I try. If uninstalling spatial is high
> risk (for me) I would much rather leave it until the DBA returns.
> The DB is on GNU Linux.
> Thanks in advance,
> Mike.


Unfortunately Locator and Spatial are based on the same software set. You can NOT physically remove Spatial while leaving Locator behind. (David mentioned the Metalink note that removes Spatial ... however, it does remove BOTH.)

In a nutshell: 9i and 10g Locator use the sdo_geometry, the sdo_geom_metadata and some of the SDO_GEOM. procedures and functions. In 9i, the Spatial option adds permission to use a number of additional functions. In 10g, some of the 9i Spatial functions are inclided in Locator and there are a new set of object types (sdo_topo_geometry, and network related) as well as associated functions and procedures.

Bottom line - if you have Enterprise Edition and want to have Locator, you basically have to police yourself to NOT use the remaining functions.

Further discussion around this is in the 'Locator' appendix of the Spatial reference manual - for 10g Release 2 the document is ... the document explicitly lists the functions and procedures you are allowed to use.

I know of no way to disable Spatial while leaving Locator intact in the Enterprise Edition. (I have used Spatial and often teach Oracle Spatial for OU.)

You might want to open a Service Request with Oracle Support if this is urgent. Then you would either have the steps, or a document verifying that it can not be done. Otherwise I strongly encourage you leave this alone until the DBA returns.

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