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Re: Do you use PL/SQL

From: <>
Date: 20 May 2007 13:08:57 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On May 20, 2:41 pm, wrote:
> On 20 mai, 16:25, wrote:
> > When one develops software, there are so many aspects to
> > performance and so many places performance can be tuned.
> But there are very few places where one can get an order of
> magnitude improvement.
> > If only reason, one wants to use PL/SQL is because of
> > performance adavntages, one is on wrong path.
> Dear, do yourself a favor, measure.
> You will get the "haha" experience.
> --- Raoul

When you are working on large software projects, database is only a small part of the code.There is user interface, there is interprocess communication. You may want to have many instances of a process running for example for load balancing.

Performance advantage because of network traffic reduction are over blown. When you write a stored procedure, only part of the code involving network traffic may be accessing information from database and writing information to database. If there is a lot of computation logic in stored procedure, PL/SQL being an interpreted language may run slower. So writing lot of PL/SQL code does not necessarily improve performance. I have worked in porjects where people do not want to write stored procedures because PL/SQL code cannot call any of the project libraries written in C++ or Java as a result one is duplicating code in PL/SQL.

Do you know why there is COM, DCOM, EJB, CORBA etc. Have you looked into no of Java jar files, which keep growing, with each Oracle installation indicating that Oracle itself is a heavy user of Java. If one wants to make a career
In software engineering (unfortunately a dieing profession in United States where I live), you have to know lots of things, that's where you need Java, C++ etc. If you are happy using PL/SQL, keep using it while saying ha ha. But there is a lot more to software development than programming in PL/SQL. As I said in my earlier mail it is always good to know PL/SQL as well as other programming languages such as Java, C++. Received on Sun May 20 2007 - 15:08:57 CDT

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