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Re: 10g to RAC - what to do to avoid data duplication ?

From: Golan <>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 18:26:47 +0200
Message-ID: <4634c73c$0$37198$>

> Sybrand's advice is still good. If you are planning to go RAC then it
> makes sense to choose a storage medium that is compatible with RAC from
> the outset. There are a number of these now - RAW and ASM have both
> already been mentioned, in addition there are a number of NFS based
> solutions that are compatible and most likely Oracle's own cluster file
> system will be available to you as well.
> I would, however, strongly query whether moving to RAC will actually
> happen. It sounds to me like a possible plan for later, rather than a
> firm intent - I maybe misreading you. Choosing more expensive, or more
> complicated, storage because you may do something at a later date seems
> a little foolish to me. Similarly if you are going to go RAC for sure it
> would likely make sense to do it at the start of the project, when you
> have the downtime and testing associated with an upgrade project anyway,
> rather than later when you will likely have to repeat most of the work,
> but on a now live system.
> --
> Niall Litchfield
> Oracle DBA

Nial thanx for the answer.
We are not expert in linux/unix environment and file systems. We followed this article to build a RAC: and we were going to believe that we should use ocfs2 file system and then must format the new file system.
Using RAW or ASM for the standalone will let us avoid (clustering) to create other file systems and copy original database. Bye

Golan Received on Sun Apr 29 2007 - 11:26:47 CDT

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