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Oracle OEM Grid Control and FailSafe Windows 2003

From: John <homith_at_>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007 14:12:51 +1000
Message-ID: <461082c5$0$77480$>

G'Day Group,

                    I am having a problem with Enterprise Manager Grid 
Control and Oracle Failsafe on Windows 2003. Here is basically what is happening.
  1. I have set up clustered recourses between 2 Win2k3 boxes.
  2. I have installed Oracle 10g Patchset 2 on both nodes of the cluster without a starter database.
  3. I Installed Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Agents on each node.
  4. I have installed Oracle FailSafe onto both nodes.
  5. I created a database on Node_A with the clustered disk as its location
  6. I then proceeded to add that database instance to Oracle Failsafe. Up to now the database fails over nicely and all works as advertised.
  7. I then deploy an agent to the virtual hostname for that database. (eg, I have Node_A & Node_B. Database cluster name is Virtual_A - emctl deploy agent -n VirtualAgent f:\failsafeagent\ Virtual_A:3873 Node_A"3872 on both nodes) (DocID Note:396659.1 & Oracle 10g Grid Control with Oracle FailSafe)
  8. I then add a generic service "VirtualAgent" to teh failsafe resource. So far so good. The database fails over nicely.
  9. I log onto Enterprise Manager Grid Control and go to add a database.
  10. Under Targets I see that the database is up with the Green arrow showing UP. At this stage I have noticed that the database is on Node_A and the database name is TEST. k I fail the cluster over to Node_B using the failsafe manager.
  11. Now the database is showing down with a red down arrow in Oem however under the failsafe manager its telling me that the database is UP. Also If I try to add the database when it is on Node_B the database name is TEST_Node_B unlike on Node_A it is just called TEST. If I fail back the database to Node_A it indicates UP again.

Any suggestions to why this is happening I would appreciate.


John Received on Sun Apr 01 2007 - 23:12:51 CDT

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