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Re: RMAN backup strategy on 10g r2 on linux

From: Andy Kent <>
Date: 22 Mar 2007 08:32:13 -0700
Message-ID: <>

I would suggest you set up Enterprise Manager. If it isn't already running (e.g. if your database was created after Oracle installation was run) you can easily set it up by running DBCA. Then with a couple of clicks of a mouse you can get Oracle to set up an RMAN strategy for you - which by default just happens to be of the kind you describe (scheduled weekly full + daily incremental). In fact, there's even a check box in DBCA to set up an RMAN schedule at the same time.

Then as your understanding of RMAN increases you can tailor the jobs to suit your specific needs. The thing you will probably want to change immediately is the location for the backups - the default strategy has a habit of sticking them on the same media as your database, which of course is the proverbial chocolate fireguard.

Hardcore DBAs may scoff at Enterprise Manager but from where you are it offers a very easy way to get going. As default configs go, the Oracle-suggested strategies are not bad - probably more robust and complete than you could script yourself right now. You can tweak it all later.


On Mar 22, 10:01 am, "Cristi" <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Please forgive a lot of my ignorance as I am very new to the entire
> Oracle database world. I am currently working my way through the
> "Oracle Database 10g Linux Administration" book in order to understand
> how to efficiently backup and restore our instance of the db.
> Unfortunately I am in a bit of a panic/tight spot as the management
> has decided to bring forward the live date of the database without
> consulting me about the state of the backup(I am in charge of backups)
> and as such I need to be able to have a temporary way of backing up
> fully the db and a simple way of doing a full restore of it should the
> hard drives fail at least until I manage to learn a bit more.
> I wrote a shell script that is called by cron every night. This shell
> script calls an Rman script that I found on the internet, I assume
> that the rman script does a full backup of the database and then hands
> the control back to the shell script, the shell script archives the
> rman files and uploads them to an ftp site on my backup server who in
> turn copies it to tape.
> The database is not expected to be too large for the next month and
> ideally I would initially like to have a way of taking full nightly
> backups that will allow me to fully restore everything in a rush
> should the hard drives fail.
> I have enabled Archivelog mode on the db and this is the script I
> assume does the complete backup:
> RUN{
> BACKUP FULL TAG FULL_DB FORMAT '/oracle_backup/%d_DB_%u_%s_
> %p.backupfull.rman'(database);
> }
> Do you think that the files it creates are enough to do a full restore
> on a blank install of oracle without the need for any other files?
> If I had to do a full restore from the created files what commands
> would I issue?
> Would a better way of doing backups be a full weekly backup plus daily
> incremental exports? How would you script that?
> Thank you
Received on Thu Mar 22 2007 - 10:32:13 CDT

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