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Re: Cloning Oracle DB (non-RAC) Box with Acronis or Ghost

From: joel garry <>
Date: 21 Mar 2007 16:13:45 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Mar 21, 1:25 pm, wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone had any experience cloning an Oracle
> database server with Acronis or Ghost. This is a 10G Enterprise Non-
> RAC server. I have had good experience with cloning SQLServer
> servers. I have not done this before but would like to try. I am in
> a crunch for time.
> This is my task list:
> 1. Run sysprep on my server.
> 2. Create the image
> 3. Restore the image.
> 4. Take the server off the network & reboot
> 5. Name the new server and join the domain.
> 6. Reconfigure IP.
> 7. [Figure out a way to rename the server instance / SID]
> What steps do I need to perform to complete the cloning safely? What
> are the gotcha's for this type of thing?
> Thanks for your help in advance.

I successfully tested this with ghost once on 9iR2. There were many possible gotchas, too many to remember, fortunately I didn't have to implement it. Oracle has its own way of doing some things that don't necessarily jibe with the Microsoft way. One gotcha was simply so many manual steps made it likely to fail.

To be safe, listen to Sybrand.

You _want_ to separate out the processes of creating a server, installing Oracle, and cloning a database. Each of those is welldefined  and well-supported. The latter two can be automated if you have sufficient reason and time. I claim not to know about the server creation, and my opinion of it would probably not be constructive if anything MS is involved. But I will say Alaska is in the news, something about $38B.

You definitely need to learn the ins and outs of RMAN before you hit any kind of crunch. Crunch time and learning are not happy together.


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