Re: get directory lisrting on xe

From: Fuzzy <>
Date: 31 Mar 2007 22:45:11 -0700
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On Mar 31, 8:05 am, "ph" <> wrote:
> > No, the advice is incorrect ashostis a sqlpluscommand.
> > You'll need external procedures.
> Sybrand
> I been using theHOSTcommandwithin Oracle Forms 6.0.8.x for years.
> Not just sqlplus..

HOST is a Forms built-in. It is also a SQLPlus built-in. These are both application run-time environments.

As far as I know, HOST does not exist in Oracle DB 10g PL/SQL as an Oracle-supplied command, which in Oracle XE will natively run in the database.

Even more, since HOST will run on the server, it may not have the same interpretation as the OP wants ... is the directory to be scanned on the server or the client? The original post is not quite definitlve.

Interestingly, Tom Kyte posted a message in this forum in 1997 to give an example of how this may be accomplished using DMS_PIPE and C program. ( browse_frm/thread/3f82e58b3aa7125d/7319a9c2923bd70c)

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