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Re: Interview questions for Oracle database administrator

From: Steve Howard <>
Date: 12 Dec 2006 08:14:12 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Mark D Powell wrote:
> The problem I see with the question list is that it is an attempt to
> measure realitively unimportant knowledge. Most everything on the list
> can be looked up if the memory freezes up in the manual within minutes.
> There are no questions on the important issues like discussing how to
> manage a database, prepare for an upgrade, management of change control
> procedures, how your interface with the development staff, and security
> policies.
> You should not be interviewing anyone who you feel or doubt that he or
> she can answer all the questions in the list correctly to begin with.
> Why waste people's time?
> IMHO -- Mark D Powell --

I agree with this 110%. I like to ask *really* basic questions up front (what is the standard oracle command line tool), just to ensure the person has very basic skills. The items you are suggesting be asked, once basic technical knowledge has been established, allow the interviewee to feel more comfortable and answer freely, which is the goal.

Whenever we interview, I never want the person to feel as though they are being attacked. Some people just don't interview well, but as soon as they are in the door, they are great to work with. I find spending ten minutes to ensure they are comfortable goes a long way to discerning how they would be to work with.

I also find that the more comfortable they become, the more they begin talking about stuff that really excites them, which itself shows how much they know. You can usually branch off what they want to talk about and probe a little bit to see how deep in the "woods" they can go.


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