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Re: Theory Questions concerning MVD and Functional Dependency.....

From: Solomon_Man <>
Date: 12 Dec 2006 07:08:51 -0800
Message-ID: <>

That was plan B.

He said he would do this once he has all exams graded and grades submitted to the records office. He said he should have everything graded and entered by Friday.

Just driving me crazy.

I had a 100% on all 5 projects and 86-87% on both tests. I am just curious if I threw my A away on the Final. I choked pretty bad on it, or at least I felt I did. There were 4 major questions.

The first question being a 10 part true false, quick Answer section. Which this was on of the questions. (30 Pts possible) The rest of the questions I got.

Question 2 was a simple SQL statement which I choked on cause I placed one of the where conditions in the the wrong nested query. I may get half credit for it (12 pts possible)

Question 3 was a Normal Form 4 question defining FD and MVD and whether it was in NF4 or not. Got the FDs but did not see any MVD so I assumed it was in NF4. (Credit ? out of 18 pts)

Question 4 was; what would the results look like if two transactions were fired in this order. It was a 3 part question. I think I may have done ok. Maybe missed a few pts but got most of it. (20 pts possible) (say I get 15)

So I figure I got at least 48 out of 80 I need a 56 out of 80 to keep my A. I should get a B as all I need is a 24 on it to get a B on the Final Project.

Probably should just be happy I am threw the class I guess.


hpuxrac wrote:
> Solomon_Man wrote:
> > All,
> > I am a student who just took there Final (yesterday) on DBMS as a
> > Graduate Student and a question is driving me crazy I need to know the
> > answer to.
> >
> > So here is the question;
> >
> > If A does not multidetermine B, it is still possible for A to determine
> >
> > I have followed everything in this class till MVDs, and I am curious
> > about the answer to the above.
> Why don't you ask the person who was conducting the class?
> If you are legitimately paying for it then you have the ability to
> clarify material that was not adequately covered in your course.
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