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Re: Using backup files with new DB

From: bdbafh <>
Date: 17 Nov 2006 18:48:16 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Wolf Grossi wrote:
> [snip]
> > Wolf, when you say you have all files, do you have some called init*,
> > spfile*, orapw*, system*, undo* and control* files? What exact version
> > of Oracle are these files? What platform are you on? Do you have
> > archived logs? Can you give more background of your situation? Do you
> > know where the files were last used, are they proper backup copies or
> > from a cleanly shutdown system? Do you have Oracle support? Have you
> > worked with Oracle before?
> >
> The OS is Linux, kernel 2.4.33, with Oracle9i, Rel-9.2.01.
> The device (/dev/hda), with oracle SW, root etc., crashed.
> The oracle datafiles were placed on other devices.
> The following files were rescued:
> control0[1-3].ctl
> drsys01.dbf
> example01.dbf
> indx01.dbf
> system01.dbf
> temp01.dbf
> tools01.dbf
> undotbs01.dbf
> users01.dbf
> The datafile users01.dbf contains the data i'd like to recover.

Good. First recover the database then you can access the data. It would appear that you are missing the online redo logs and archived redo logs if they exist. I don't think that you mentioned if this database is running in archivelog mode or noarchivelog mode.

You can re-create the password and init.ora parameter file.

If the database was closed at the time (and had been shutdown cleanly) that the disk/volume/partition was lost, instance recovery should not be required and you may be able to open the database resetlogs (might have to fake recovery to pull that off) which will re-create the online redo logs for you.

Before you do anything as far as recovery - again back up the datafiles, controlfiles that you do have.

A support analyst would be able to walk you through this better/faster than usenet can.


> Unfortunately, all oracle config and setup files line were placed on the
> crashed device, so thy are not available anymore.
> The datafile users01.dbf was placed in one of /disk[1-3]/oradata/SID.
> The othere I just can guess.
> No archived logs were saved and no oracle support.
> Using oracle's OCI C-Interface since ora6.
> Wolf
Received on Fri Nov 17 2006 - 20:48:16 CST

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