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Re: Sounds good in theory, but will it work?

From: TB <>
Date: 10 Nov 2006 13:59:51 -0800
Message-ID: <>

On Nov 8, 4:53 pm, "TB" <> wrote:
> We have Oracle 8.1.7 running on an IBM p615 single processor server.
> I'm an AIX admin, not an Oracle admin. We don't have an Oracle admin
> on staff.
> I need to ensure some level of recovery (somewhat quickly) in case of a
> total disaster; building burns down, tornado hits,... whatever. I'm
> not looking for anything fancy and costly like clusters or
> (a)synchronous replication. What I do have is a full hot backup every
> night with RMAN and an offsite DR facility.
> Here are my thoughts...
> Buy a second AIX server (I have a quote for a p520 dual proc) for our
> DR site. Backup the rootvg (mksysb). On the weekends shut down the
> Oracle database and do a savevg on the data vg's. Bring Oracle backup
> and continue to do full RMAN backups durring the week.
> Build the new server at the DR sight with the mksysb. If a disaster
> happens, then I could take the savevg(s) to the DR facility and restore
> those vgs. This should give me a fully functional Oracle server as of
> the weekend backup. Then I could use the RMAN backups to restore to
> the weekly full backup. With this process we could potentionally loose
> a full days work, but we are comfortable with this risk.
> Has anyone done anything like this? Think it will work? What are your
> thoughts?

Thanks everyone for your input. It is very helpful. To answer some questions, yes we are in archive log mode, and yes we have tested a restore. Our dB is about 30GB. Our connection to our DR facility isn't the greatest right now (it's a vpn). Sometime over the course of maybe next year we will be upgrading our line, but as of now, I'm not sure sure it can handle the shipping of logs?? I will at least look into a standby server and see if it is something we can do (contract out).

Thanks again.

TB. Received on Fri Nov 10 2006 - 15:59:51 CST

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