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Re: Competition for OraPerf

From: joel garry <>
Date: 6 Nov 2006 14:51:50 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Mladen Gogala wrote:
> On Sun, 05 Nov 2006 13:04:12 +0000, Richard Foote wrote:
> > With CPU contributing just 21% of time, one of the key recommendations is to
> > increase the speed or number of CPUs !!
> Actually, I strongly disagree with this recommendation. If your machine
> spends most of the time waiting for the IO, new CPU board(s) will not do
> much for the performance. In that case Don Burleson's recommendation to
> move things to SSD would actually make sense.
> I would say that with the complexities of modern Oracle databases and the
> cost of people who know how to tune them, SSD devices for redo logs are
> starting to make much more sense. A consultant like me would cost you
> $/hour and I am on the lower end. Mind you, I'm not Anjo Kolk, Cary
> Millsap, Jonathan Lewis, Steve Adams or Howard Rogers, they're much more
> expensive. An 8GB flash disk like Ritek CFR8G-80X-G costs $150 and will
> probably do a lot for your transaction rate, if you put redo logs there.
> It's all cost-benefit. With the complexities of present days Oracle
> databases, spending some money to speed up your I/O is always a good
> decision.
> Personally, I've never seen a database server with CPU set more then 40%
> on average. Databases are almost always stuck on I/O. While it is
> important to write SQL properly, it is getting harder and harder to do.
> Oracle optimizer is increasingly complex and hard to use. Analyzing 10053
> trace and 10046 traces is really a hard thing to do and, also a very
> expensive one. Buying few SSD devices for a few grands will probably do
> you more good then having Tom Kyte on site for a day, and for the same
> price. SSD devices are affordable, a cigarette lighter-sized USB memory
> stick with 1GB ram costs $30 at Staples. It's a perfect thing for
> industrial espionage, a gadget coming directly from 007 movies. Why not
> take advantage of it?

>From a white paper on the site:

"The Only Solid State Disk with Active BackupTM. The RamSan-400 Active
Backup™ mode constantly backs up data from memory to the internal hard
disks, helping mission critical data survive even catastrophic problems."

I'm still wondering whether putting redo logs on such a device is a joke regarding
instance crash recovery. Or is the joke that an SSD is really hard disks with a
big write-behind cache? Slap me with a sturgeon, I don't get it.


-- is bogus.
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