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Re: ODBC Pass Through SQL to Oracle Express 10g

From: joel garry <>
Date: 3 Jul 2006 13:18:34 -0700

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<dfn>From</dfn>: joel garry <>
<span id="date"><dfn>Date</dfn>: 3 Jul 2006 13:18:34 -0700</span>
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Greg Strong wrote:
<i class="quotelev1">> On 3 Jul 2006 11:42:10 -0700, "joel garry" <joel-garry_at_home&#46;<!--nospam-->com> wrote:</i><br>
<i class="quotelev1">></i><br>
<i class="quotelev2">> >It refers to</i><br>
<i class="quotelev2">> >Microsoft Knowledge Base Q177138</i><br>
<i class="quotelev2">> >;en-us;Q177138 which</i><br>
<i class="quotelev2">> >basically says, tough, unless you use the Jet engine.</i><br>
<i class="quotelev1">></i><br>
<i class="quotelev1">> After doing a little research I think the fact the transactions running</i><br>
<i class="quotelev1">> consecutively DOES in fact create nested transaction because they</i><br>
<i class="quotelev1">> probably were NOT committed in the back end Oracle DB before receiving</i><br>
<i class="quotelev1">> the additional SQL. Maybe I'll have to try ADO rather than DAO. This</i><br>
<i class="quotelev1">> is an interesting read:</i><br>
<i class="quotelev1">></i><br>
<i class="quotelev1">></i><br>
<i class="quotelev1">></i><br>
<i class="quotelev1">> Thanks!</i><br>

That says more or less the same thing as the metalink note.

Note that in the Oracle db DDL does a commit before _and_after the DDL statement. A commit ends a transaction. I suppose various ways of accessing the db have their own idea of what a transaction is and so can create semantic confusion. Oracle has what are called "autonomous transactions" which are outside the scope of the current transaction, so you can do things like DDL without blowing off your current transaction. It becomes important to understand Oracle's notion of concurrency when digging into things like this. You can get to Oracle's docs for free, it <severe understatement> may be worth your time </severe understatement> to read the concepts manual and search for other interesting terms to find things like
<a href=""></a>
(in ch. 3 of Oracle Migration Workbench Reference Guide for Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase Adaptive Server Migrations Release 9.2.0 for Microsoft Windows 98/2000 and Microsoft Windows NT).


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