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Re: Database or store to handle 30 Mb/sec and 40,000 inserts/sec

From: Double Echo <>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 19:40:39 -0500
Message-ID: <9CsLf.5992$>

DA Morgan wrote:
> Double Echo wrote:

>> Unfortunately businesses are doing just that, putting their mission
>> critical data in SQL-Server, but you already knew that.  

> I did of course. So does everyone. And I am looking forward to the
> extensive use of C# and other non-database tools putting the technically
> clueless into the role of managing data. Looking forward to it in the
> same way that you look forward an accident in a car-chase scene.
> I look at all the damage done to data by people with C and Java and it
> is nothing compared to what the Microsoft crowd is capable of doing.
>> It is also
>> important--for what it's worth--to remember that many shops are
>> customers of various db products by fiat, they didn't necessarily
>> select it because they wanted it, they are a customer because of
>> a dependency on a db.  Larry will be the first to tell us applications
>> drive databases, not the other way around.

> Which explains PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards, and numerous other
> purchases over the last year or two. Maybe we'll get lucky. Maybe
> after the buying cycle is over he'll pull the plug on Windows. ;-)

One could only hope.

Windows will continue to be relevant if for anything, games! 8-)

I remain a student of all the big 3 database companies.. As Oracle gobbles up one product after another, it will be interesting to see how things shape up, keeping my eye on Zend, it is troubling if they succumb, but who knows, everything evolves, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Received on Thu Feb 23 2006 - 18:40:39 CST

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