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Re: How to keep backups for 6 months

From: HansF <>
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 02:54:18 GMT
Message-Id: <>

As you see, this is not a simple question to answer. Here is my take on how to start it:

  1. What are your database and operating system versions? Determine the features and what are the basic and additional capabilities.
  2. What are your 'down time' capabilities. Do you have a chance to shut the database completely every day/week/month? Basically we want to determine when and how to do 'complete' backups.
  3. What are your recovery requirements? Do you have a service level agreement (written or informal) of how quickly things must be restored and recovered for partial, point in time and full recovery? We need to determine the limitations and costs associated with the backup policy.
  4. Approximately how big is the database? We want to determine how much of the database is to be backed up at a time - will incrementals or tablespace-wise strategy be needed.
  5. RMAN can back up to tape and to disk. Do you have any preference, or mandate, related to these? Determine our on-line, near-line and off-site storage.
  6. Are you using (or do you prefer) control-file or repository based records?
  7. WHat is the purpose of the backup? Determine whether we need all increments, even those detailing deletes (for legal purposes) or if we can just have 'refresh points.

CONFIGURE RETENTION POLICY TO RECOVERY WINDOW OF 180 DAYS; basically tells RMAN that you want it to ensure that backups will be around to provide recovery for 180 days. However, keeping all intermediates for 180 days makes no sense if you can get a complete backup weekly - if your purpose of backup and recovery is to get back up and running to latest feasible point in time.

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