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Re: Oracle 10.2 R2 cluster ready software installation problem

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 14:02:23 -0800
Message-ID: <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to install Oracle 10.2 R2 for Windows (SE) on a 2-node-
> cluster with an HP SAN. The SAN is configured with one extended
> partition and three logical drives (24 MB for voting, 102MB for cluster
> registry and approx. 350GB for data). Everything prepared as described
> in the documentation (with one exception, I don't use any DNS server,
> just the local "hosts" files).
> The universal installer works fine until it reaches the page "cluster
> configuration storage". On this page, it shows only the first and third
> SAN drive, not the second one. Looking inside the log file, it shows
> that the installer somehow decides that the second drive is already used
> for a cluster registry; or it remembers this from a previos installation
> attempt (my first installation attempt went wrong within the checks
> which are performed later on, so I had to start again):
> INFO: Query Returned:
> B:,G:,H:,I:,J:,K:,L:,M:,N:,O:,P:,Q:,R:,S:,T:,U:,V:,W:,X:,Y:,Z:
> INFO: Setting variable 'sl_Drives' to
> 'B:,G:,H:,I:,J:,K:,L:,M:,N:,O:,P:,Q:,R:,S:,T:,U:,V:,W:,X:,Y:,Z:'.
> Received the value from a code block.
> INFO: Calling Query ClusterPreinstQueries1.2.1 getPartitionInfo
> INFO: Query Returned: ,0,1,24,ocrcfg,0,2,102,,0,3,347179
> The problem is, I found no way to get rid of this "ocrcfg"! I've already
> restored both servers from image files (from before my first
> installation attempt) and cleared the SAN drive, but the "ocrcfg" is
> still there.
> Can anybody give me a clue where OUI stores the information about the
> ocrcfg or how it decides that the second drive should already be an
> ocrcfg? Is there any way to clear this information or override the
> detection made by OUI?
> Thanks in advance,
> Frank

What about this SAN makes you believe it to be compatible with RAC?

Daniel A. Morgan
(replace x with u to respond)
Received on Sun Dec 18 2005 - 16:02:23 CST

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