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Re: informix market share

From: RollForward Wizard <>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 13:03:16 -0500
Message-ID: <7DHif.2680$>

caver wrote:
> I would agree with Xiaoxin. We just found out with our renewal that
> IBM is much more expensive than Oracle.
> We love Informix and had never even considered switching from Informix
> to any other db until we got our renewal quote.
> Since the "best and final" quote from IBM is still four to five times
> what Oracle is quoting, we will soon be implementing
> a head to head comparison between Oracle and Informix.
> When the cost of Oracle is 150K versus 750K for Informix IDS the
> comparison is just a formality.
> The difference for us is towfold:
> 1) We require relatively simple replication. For Informix, any E.R.
> replication
> requires IDS, but Oracle allows simple bi-direction table subsets in
> the Oracle
> equivalent of Informix Workgroup.
> 2) We reworked our front end app using VB with ODBC. In the old
> application we took one access hit per
> named user, now one user accounts for four or five server connections
> due to multiple background
> db access (I don't know if it is a VB or a ODBC thing).
> -Oracle only charges a premium price for full database sync in what
> they call multi-master replication.
> -Oracle has either a per processor charge or a named user charge where
> one named user equals one
> database access even in VB/ODBC.
> They also have built in web development tools that seem (from the
> Oracle sales guy) to take the place of
> some Informix development tools. I have doubs about this though.
> So most likely we will be heading down the Oracle highway (reluctantly)
> due to the lower cost.

You should check out DB2 features first before going to Oracle, and especially DB2 HADR, a chimpanzee can set it up it's so simple.

Plus you get all the same basic functionality of IDS in DB2, just a little rearranging of terminology, etc. DB2 will most like be more to your liking as it is more-like-Informix than Oracle, but hey, if you really want Oracle, go for it. Received on Mon Nov 28 2005 - 12:03:16 CST

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