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Re: I want to add to myknowledge

From: <>
Date: 28 Oct 2005 19:08:10 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Comments embedded.
Bart the bear wrote:
> wrote:
> > I want to learn about Oracle9i.
> Why don't you? There are many good books in the market.

Any of which you've read, Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys notwithstanding?

> > Kindly help.
> The only way to help you is unfortunately illegal. I was always
> a strong advocate for establishing a morons hunting season but
> nobody listens to me.

Which is sage advice, as you would be a prime target at the opening of the season, thus depriving you of the opportunity to declare others fair game.

> > I have a very good laptop.
> Laptop is a poor replacment for what Hercule Poirot used to call
> "little grey cells". You are an illustration of the "Intel Inside"
> label.

Are your 'little grey cells' smaller than average? From the tenor of this post they must be. Or, possibly, there are so few of them the signals cross or are so dissipated when they reach their destination they are garbled, resulting in this stellar submission.

> > You may send to me the drive of the software.
> Please open the next email attachment that comes in an email with the
> title
> "latest security update from Microsoft Corporation". You don't have to
> thank
> me.

Should you decide that intelligence, rather than brutally vulgar commentary, is better fitting this newsgroup that would be thanks enough for all. Your history here proves you extremely unhelpful and exceptionally adept at uselessly inflammatory responses. We have yet to see anything from you which actually answers the question put forth.  Like 'Godfrey' you provide no knowledge of the product discussed, but instead manage to dispense reams of distresing verbiage intended to hurt, rather than help. Possibly you feel empowered by this behaviour; schoolyard bullies usually experience such euphoria after their sophomoric escapades are completed. You've had your 'fun'; find another playground to terrorize.

David Fitzjarrell Received on Fri Oct 28 2005 - 21:08:10 CDT

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