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Re: Adjusting to DB2

From: Bjarke Wedemeijer <>
Date: 25 Oct 2005 06:46:20 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Mark A skrev:

> <> wrote in message
> >
> > It was mentioned because YOU mentioned in one of your posts in this
> > thread that such instrumentation DOES exist. So, a correction to your
> > misinformation regarding instrumentation in DB2 was in order. And it's
> > interesting that you now claim the DBAs have nothing to learn with
> > regard to DB2 instrumentation, when before you claimed a robust set of
> > tools that somehow vanished between your post quoted by Mr. Wedemeijer
> > and Mr. Wedemeijer's response. As Mr, Wedemeijer stated:
> >
> > "This typically shows that Mark does not now what he is talking about,
> > ..."
> > After reading your posts in this newsgroup I would agree with this
> > assessment.
> > David Fitzjarrell
> >
> I initially admitted that I did not exactly know what was meant by
> "instrumentation". My answer was based on my best guess as to what it was,
> which was apparently wrong, but it was not an attempt to be misleading.
> I have worked with DB2 for z/OS extensively since 1987 (version 1.2). I have
> taught many DB2 for z/OS classes and I am quite knowledgeable about DB2
> performance tuning. I am currently IBM certified DBA on DB2 V7 for z/OS. I
> am not familiar with the instrumentation feature that Bjarke mentioned. If
> he means trace records, then I don't use them for performance tuning and I
> don't think that most DBA's use them. I make extensive use of the explain
> function. I suppose this is a matter of personal preference as to whether
> instrumentation is used by DBA's (and also matter of whether one purchases a
> product like DB2 PM to read the trace records). In fact, although the better
> DBA's do performance tuning, the majority of DBA's (DB2 and Oracle) either
> don't do performance tuning or don't do it very well, even for home grown
> applications.
> In this particular thread (an Oracle DBA wants to know how hard it would be
> to learn how to support a DB2 application), since DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and
> Windows does not have this "instrumentation" feature, then obviously a DBA
> working on that DB2 platform does not need to know about it (since it does
> not exist). That seems fairly logical to me.

I think its just the opposite, because LUW is not instrumented the guys who want to know something about instrumentation and db2 should know how to cope
with tunings efforts on db2 without the superior instrumentation features on
oracle and db2 z/os. They might come into a situation where they could have
solved the problem on oracle, but are not able to do that on db2. Received on Tue Oct 25 2005 - 08:46:20 CDT

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