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Re: How to determine database market share?

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005 07:56:30 -0700
Message-ID: <1129992991.351401@yasure>

Paul wrote:

>>I'm impressed. Your command of the English language demonstrates
>>a definite gift for expressing yourself with clarity.

> What would you consider an appropriate response to your offering to
> the debate of "Your life must be exceedingly boring."?

Having a vocabulary larger than that of a 15 year old quite a large number of things.

> I was asking what is a question of legitimate concern to people who
> are interested in databases generally, which surely must cover a good
> percentage of the readership of this group.

I disagree. I think you were asking something inane.

> You may have noticed that *_in general_* and *_as a rule_* my posts to
> this group are not littered with expletives,

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, seems to disagree.

> In any case, how is it relevant to my core question which
> remains *_how many Oracle installations are there_* in area x, y or
> z, and how can a neutral observer *_try_* to determine how much of a
> market

It is not relevant to your question. It is relevant to something you stated as though it was a fact.

Your question though was irrelevant and remains irrelevant as it is impossible to do what you propose in your core question. Your question has all of the substantive value of "which is better apples or pears"?

>>>Would it be fair to suggest that up until about 1-2 years ago Oracle >>>was *_primarily_* a db company,

No. And even if it was that would be irrelevant, as you point out, to your core question.

> OK, feel free to expand a wee bit on this succint response.

Why? You already stated it was irrelevant to your core question.

>>And you never will which is why your entire quest is worse than quixotic
>>... it is idiotic.

> It is idiotic to try and determine some sort of rational metric (which
> I have suggested is best determined by job-ads) to determine db market
> share?


> I fail to see why it is idiotic - difficult maybe, but certainly not
> idiotic. And certainly relevant to this group - all of us leading the
> boring lives that we do, as opposed to your thrilling one, hopping
> from Hawaii to Japan at the drop of a hat? The letters f and y spring
> to mind...

  1. It is impossible
  2. It is impossible
  3. No company will ever give you the data with which to do it
>>>*_SWEET DIVINE JESUS_*. I know!!!!! See above for the issue about
>>>market share and revenue - I am attempting (in the face of (so-called)
>>>internet surveys, geek-speak, marketo-babble to determine a decent

>>Once again using very small words: You can not!

> You are saying that there is no way of doing this? OK, I'll go direct
> - why is not using job-postings for a given area not the best metric
> for db penetration in a given area? If you tell me it is not, then I
> would merely ask you for a better metric.

Job posts are only a small percentage of jobs available. Jobs posts say nothing about the number of type of licenses.

>>No doubt you have another obscenity loaded and ready to fire here too.

> You know full-well that my posts are not littered with expletives

Actually that is not at all the case nor is it the impression you have created with all of the other regulars here.

>>>>You might want to go back to watching American Idol.  ;-)

>>>What is American Idol?

>>An Oracle account.

> ? I googled. Some sort of Big Brother thing?

One of the most inane TV shows in America ... and an Oracle account.
> Paul...

The most important thing you have managed to miss in all of your fire and brimstone is that no one with an IQ over room temperature cares about any metric of marketshare except those who get paid to write marketing copy and the few morons that read Gartner because they are incapable of thinking for themselves.

I don't buy hammers based on marketshare.
I don't buy books based on marketshare.
I don't watch movies based on marketshare.
I don't buy my socks based on marketshare.
And I have a lower opinion of anyone that does than I do of this thread.
Daniel A. Morgan
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Received on Sat Oct 22 2005 - 09:56:30 CDT

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