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Re: Oracle Innobase Purchase Impacts MySQL.

From: Paul <>
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 10:07:32 +0100
Message-ID: <>

"Joel Garry" <> wrote:

> >Being unable to do 250 doesn't mean that the car is running poorly.

> No, but anyone who's had to deal with an old bug should probably have
> lol'd at my comment.

Yeah, sure. But since we're in the analogy business, the example today would probably be more like your average Golf (Rabbit in Merka?).  

> >How does one select the count of the undocumented ones?

> quick Google gives

Phew... 540. (9.2)

> but if you've been paying attention, you'd know it's not generally a
> good idea to muck with them.

That I do know.

> But you can if you have to, which is more
> than not having them could say.

Hmmm.... we're getting back into the debate about (over)complexity here.  

> A long time ago I might have agreed with the idea that a database is
> just a database, but no more. If you have to do things differently due
> to scale, you have artificially created a lot more work to do. If you
> try to write to database independence, you wind up with the lowest
> common denominator.

This I have seen repeatedly. The number of apps which make use of an expensive db server, when in fact Notepad could have done the job - RI and concurrency &c. were enforced in the business layer.

> Most businesses of medium size or greater are
> bound to have mission-critical and/or enterprise systems and are likely
> going to have to scale up at least for one of those. And small
> businesses? They can have the to... err, economy models, it will be
> moot when the bigger fish eat them.

And maybe I'm talking about the vast majority of businesses which will never need to hold onto more than 500 MB of data at any one time. Obviously the likes of Boeing or Chase Manhattan are not in this league, but that's not the market segment I'm talking about. Just as there will be very few customers who will walk into an auto dealership and ask for a Ferarri or Lamborghini, there are very few who really *_need_* an Oracle or even a SQL Server.


> jg


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