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Re: how-to install Oracle 10g on RHES3 with no X-windows

From: Billy <>
Date: 18 Oct 2005 06:19:09 -0700
Message-ID: <>

googleboy wrote:

> I have an RHES system without X that I would like to install Oracle 10g
> on. I have read the install guide and looked at the 'silent' isntall
> doco. The 10g guide seems to omit the sample response file, and also
> talks as though the system has X, but the reason for the silent install
> is for installations across multiple systems.
> I would appreciate pointers to documentation on installing and using
> oracle sans gui, and also any war stories that you may feel would help
> me in my venture.

Why not use VNC Server? X is by default (should be) installed on RHES. So all you do is the following in the oracle Unix account:

  1. Create a password for your VNC desktop. $ vncpasswd
  2. Start the VNC server. It will provide you with a desktop number (usually 1 for the 1st server) $ vncserver
  3. When done, terminate the server (desktop 1), use: $ vncserver -kill :1
  4. VNC config details are stored in $HOME/.vnc - you can also customise your VNC Desktop (e.g. using KDE instead of Gnome) by vi'ing xstartup in that dir.

Okay, after having started VNC Server, you use your Windows/Linux desktop to connect to the VNC server's desktop. Launch vncviewer, supply the IP/hostname of the server plus desktop number (e.g., type the password and off you go.

Now you can run Oracle's UI, OEM, dbca, netca and what not. This is a heck of a lot easier than doing a silent install and still not being able to use something like dbca.

VNC viewer can be downloaded (for Windows) from

VNC Server is bundled with RHES as a RPM.

VNC can easily be reversed tunnelled via ssh for fully and totally secure X desktop session.

VNC desktop is persistant. You can reconnect to the desktop from home after leaving the office and continue the desktop session.

And in The Next Issue: running VNC with VMware and turning virtual computing into reality computing! ;-)

Received on Tue Oct 18 2005 - 08:19:09 CDT

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