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Re: I found the light away from Oracle RDBMS

From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: 26 Sep 2005 04:12:45 -0700
Message-ID: <>

kwr2k wrote:
> I do not entirely agree with 'Enlightened and Free' but the way others
> have been flaming him/her, it looks malicious.

I'm not sure I'd see it that way. If I were to log onto a postgres or linux group with a nickname intended to suggest my superiority and then post a message saying how wonderful alternatives to the subject of the discussion group were (windows and sqlserver say) , how would I be received?

> One of the reasonings for Oracle and against PostgreSQL is that there
> are gazillion books on Oracle! Funny, I hear the same comments in
> Windows v/s Linux forums. So does this mean that we should all bow down
> to the money-spinning companies just because they have more
> money-muscle to publish books and manipulate the media?

I didn't make that comment - though you chose to reply to my contribution - but if you take a look at the books Mladen refers to you will see that they are not by and large Oracle Corp sponsored books at all, rather they arise from the Oracle community.

> Also, look at the years that Oracle has been around and then see how
> long PostgreSQL has been around. Definitely, clustering and few other
> features that for Oracle's 'niche' are pretty recent addition.

According to postgresql has been around for either 10 or nearly 20 years depending on how you count. If you have a look at you'll see that clustering which you describe as recent has been around since 1989.

> So, who
> is pulling the wool over your eyes year after year, version after
> version? Each release of Oracle fixes past bugs but they almost sell it
> as if its a The Greatest Thing (TM).

New releases bring both bug fixes and new features. Marketing promotes the business benefits of the new features, technical articles promote understanding of the new features and the bug fixes. Reading both appropriately is a core business skill.

> Now, to really shock you all -- I am an Oracle DBA for more than 8-9
> years (I would not be in this forum otherwise) but it does pay to keep
> track of rising technologies and products. Who knows when you may be
> forced to switch due to market changes.

Of course it does. It also pays to take note of what capabilities are and are not available in each technology. If you look at most of the posts you refer to as flames you'll see they refer to the problems caused by the absence of some features.

> I feel the whole 'Open' thing in open-source is about your mind. Just
> flaming someone who dares to be different is downright childish and
> unprofessional. Most of you, who are in this forum, are neither (I
> hope).

That shows in the responses which refer on a technical level to areas in which postgresql does not match up to the Oracle offering. A far cry from flaming. Received on Mon Sep 26 2005 - 06:12:45 CDT

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