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Re: Oracle Streams

From: <>
Date: 15 Sep 2005 14:12:54 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Comments embedded.
Godfrey wrote:
> > Daniel A. Morgan wrote on my timestamp Sep 15, 4:43 am
> >
> >10gR1 and what problems. Vague generalities are worthless.
> If you have a question, ask Daniel.

Yet the question posed was vaguely worded, stating only the possible existence of undisclosed 'problems' with no mention of what those 'problems' could be. Were the post more informative I'm fairly certain the OP would have received 'appropriate' replies.

> He will help you. He is always
> helpful. He is not patronizing. His writing tone is neutral. No one
> ever complains about him. No one ever has flame wars with him. He knows
> everything. He is respected.
> WRONG. He is an arsehole,


> he treats this newgroups like it is his own
> personal property and you are a tresspasser, he will insult you and he
> will be rude.

Brusque, possibly, but rarely is Daniel rude. If your intent is to critique the posts made by the minority of us do us the courtesy of being precise by using the proper terminology.

> None of this is funny.

Oddly enough, neither are you.

> FYI Daniel my name is not Godfrey.

Yes, you've attempted to admit that sometime back, however you've yet to see fit to actually identify yourself as anyone other than Godfrey, citing some false pretense of being slandered. When one is reproached with one's own words (as this post demonstrates) such can hardly be considered slander.

> I am a regular poster to this newsgroup.

As this Godfrey character, yes, you've become quite regular in your submissions. It is a shame your 'contributions' provide nothing in the form of actual assistance. Silence Dogood you are not.

> I will continue to post under Godfrey and my real name. I
> have met you. You might recognise my face. You will know my name. I
> want to keep my identity a secret.

Such is the behaviour of cowards.

> I will continue posting these
> comments about you until you change your spots. Just be helpful in this
> newsgroup.

The same admonishment applies to you, as well, Godfrey, or whomever you may be in reality. Alter egos are fine for comic book superheroes but have little place in reality. I await the day when you can muster the courage to use your REAL name in such posts, so we all may know the true quality of your work. As it stands the only conclusion anyone may draw from your behaviour is that you are behaving in a juvenile manner, and that is far from helpful.

> You have the IQ, just not the EQ.

The latter applies to you, as well. Since you won't reveal your TRUE identity no one can know if the former also applies. And, apparently from quality of your current work it deoesn't.

> Godfrey

David Fitzjarrell Received on Thu Sep 15 2005 - 16:12:54 CDT

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