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Re: Upgrading (on Solaris SPARC 64-bit) to 10.2

From: Joel Garry <>
Date: 13 Sep 2005 14:34:31 -0700
Message-ID: <>

DA Morgan wrote:
> Joel Garry wrote:
> > Maybe that means there are _fewer flamefests_ and _less spam_ due to
> > the actions of the _top posters_.
> That and the fact that we have cut down on the spam.

Daniel, you seem to be not reading entire sentences. Are you the guy who parks in the Handicap Parking space because you think "Oh boy, Handi Park!" :-)

> >
> > isn't explicit about it either, but you can gather that there is a new
> > ORACLE_HOME from it.
> >
> > jg
> > --
> Hold on just a second there Joel. I did read the docs. And what I found
> without any problem at all was as follows:
> Under database I clicked on "Oracle Database 10g Release 2 (10.2)"
> Then I clicked on "View Library"
> Then I scrolled down on page and found "Upgrade Information"
> and clicked on "Upgrade Guide"
> And you will recall that my response to the OP was a referral to the
> docs website. How explicit does something need to be?

Well, I think It's explicit enough when I see the OP was "should I patch or
do a new install" and the question gets answered. I was just saying I don't think the docs are clear enough that you can't patch the Oracle execs from 10.1 to 10.2. They kind of avoid the question and just go into upgrading the db. As has been pointed out, the install is separate from the upgrade. I think the upgrade guide has to be vague because of all the variants, standby, RAC and so forth. But _somewhere_ it _should_ explictly answer the OP, and I still haven't seen that. Of course, one could search for 10.2 patches and not find anything, but does that really mean they won't ever exist?

> Does anyone ask the dealer to read the owner's manual to them when they
> buy a car? If there is an Upgrade Guide then it shouldn't take much to
> conclude that upgrading is possible.

Guess you haven't seen that iDrive from BMW! :-)

> A question such as "here's my situation and should I upgrade" deserves
> a well thought out answer. The OP's question is implicit in the very
> name of the documentation on the docs site.

But I'm sure it's the _answer_ he was seeking.


-- is bogus.
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